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Hundreds of litres of milk poured on road near Assembly complex

Bicholim farmers pour milk on road near assembly complex in ‘protest’

Panaji: Several farmers from Bicholim, on Monday, poured hundreds of litres of milk on the road near State Legislative Assembly Complex in a ‘protest’ against the ‘action’ of the Gujarat-based Sural District Co-op Milk Producer’s Union Ltd (SUMUL), which is operating in the state.

The farmers were stopped near Sanjay School, Porvorim by the police when they were marching towards the Assembly Complex. The monsoon session of the Assembly has begun on Monday.

The farmers, who are supplying milk to the co-operative giant were upset after almost 4,500 litres of milk was rejected by it on Monday morning.

Meghashyam Raut, who led the farmers, said that the officials of SUMUL conducted litmus paper test on the milk to pronounce it to be unfit for purchase, and added that the proper laboratory test should have been conducted to reason out why it is unfit.

“With heavy heart, we had to pour this milk on the road. We know how difficult it is for the farmers do to such thing. But we had to do it as a mark of protest,” Raut said.

The farmers have threatened to intensify their agitation, if SUMUL continues to harass them.

Raut further said that the Gujarat-based co-operative firm was introduced in Goa, with an assurance that the dairy farmers will get better rate for their milk. “But now the SUMUL officials are publicly claiming that they are not getting cooperation from the government. The firm has also withheld bonus of the farmers, which was promised to them,” he added.

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