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Betalbatim VP struggles with littering on beaches, roadsides



The village of Betalbatim, with its coastline, has to deal with roadside garbage dumping apart from the waste that is left on the beaches by the visitors.

The two beaches of the village draw sizeable number of tourists, and the picnickers often leave behind a lot of waste.

Speaking to this daily, sarpanch Constancio Miranda said that the panchayat along with the tourism department are involved in cleaning the beaches.

“Even though there is a ban on one-time use plastics, a lot of picnickers come with their own utensils, cook on the beaches and leave behind trash like plastic cups, plates, spoons and plastic wrappers. The tourism department collects garbage on the beaches and that is found on sand dunes, but there is also a large amount that remains dumped at the entrance of the beaches,” said Miranda.

Apart from the nuisance by picnickers, the village also has to deal with the problem of roadside dumping along isolated stretches. Often the mixed garbage that is collected consists of diapers and sanitary pads.

According to Miranda, the panchayat collects the garbage from the coastline and along the roadsides on a weekly basis but says that more needs to be done.

“Roadside waste mostly contains diapers and sanitary pads that are not taken away by the workers of solid waste management when they come to collect the garbage. We are yet to get a solution to this problem,” he said.

Though picnickers found littering the coast are liable to pay fines up to Rs 10,000, the panchayat has found it difficult to catch the wrongdoers red-handed, and are left clearing the mess created by them.

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