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Rui Carvalho Baceira, Consul General of Portugal in Goa

Benefits as Portuguese national only after getting citizen card, passport: Consul General


Consul General of Portugal in Goa Dr Rui Carvalho Baceira has stated that anyone whose name is registered in the Central Registry of Lisbon is a Portuguese according to the country’s laws. However, to seek benefits as a national of Portugal, the person has to obtain the Cartão de Cidadão, the citizen card.
Speaking to this daily, Baceira informed that by registering a birth in the Central Registry in Lisbon, the individual is theoretically a Portuguese. “But without registration one cannot precede for the later documents, that is the Cartão de Cidadão and the passport,” he added.
Responding to the question of dual citizenship, he stated that while Portugal laws permit an individual to have more than one country’s nationality, an Indian citizen would have to abide by the Indian Constitution.
He said, “It is up to the individual to decide whether he wants to be an Indian citizen or become a Portuguese national.”
“Registration of the Central Registry of Lisbon means that the person is Portuguese by virtue of registration but that person cannot use that document even to open a bank account as it is not an identification document,” he stated.
He also pointed out that the national laws on nationality in Portugal also need to be updated regarding nationality to those who were under the territorial control of Portugal and later were granted citizenship.
The Portuguese Consul General further said that there are many people who have their births registered in the Central Registry of Lisbon and have not obtained the other documents. The reason he said could be, they just wanted their names registered and they would decide in the future regarding the documents.
“It is up to them to analyse the pros and cons and decide,” he added.

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