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Behind the music of ‘Kantaar’

NT BUZZ chats with music director, Aditya Barve and music arranger, Tushar Wader of ‘Kantaar’, to know what the Konkani film has to offer to the audience


Having worked together on music for various films, television commercials, and other music projects, music director, Aditya Barve, and music arranger, Tushar Wader always dreamt of working together on a Konkani film. Their dream came true when they were asked to work for the Konkani feature film ‘Kantaar’ directed by Nilesh Malkar featuring Jacky Shroff, Ester Noronha, and Noel Sean.

Hailing from Mumbai, Barve has roots in Goa. He has worked for several Marathi films like ‘Shyamche Vadil’ and ‘Wa Re Zindagi’. Mapusa-based Wader on the other hand currently works as an assistant music director to Shamir Tandon and has also been part of films like ‘Welcome To New York’, ‘Bank Chor’ and ‘DaasDev’.

‘Kantaar’ narrates the journey of a girl who finds herself through music. The film has six songs which are all sung by Goan singers. “The opening song ‘Amche Goa’ is more of an anthem for Goa. It talks about the beauty of Goa, and is sung by singer Aurvile Rodrigues,” says Tushar.

The sole English song in the film is ‘Jesus Walk With Me’. “It is a twelve-bar blues song again sung by Aurvile. This song is more like a theme song for the character for Jacky,” explains Tushar.

The title song ‘Kantaar’ is sung by the lead actress Ester. It talks about how music is present in our day-to-day life and plays an important role in our life. “This song is more of how we can find music in everything around us. It talks about the need to hear and feel music. It consists of flutes and clarinets recorded live in Mumbai and played by I D Rao,” Tushar adds.

The song ‘Jivit Ek Ful’ meanwhile is sung by Rajesh Madgaonkar and Ester Noronha. “The whole purpose of the song is to focus on the value of life. In this song we have tried mixing modern electronic sounds with those of live saxophones and trumpets which they used earlier in Goan songs, in our effort to keep the essence of Goa alive in all the songs. This mixing of old and new was a challenge though,” says Aditya.

Ester and Aurville come together for the song ‘Jinechi’. “Here we needed to have a song that portrays the anger and frustration of the character. So, we gave it a metal rock vibe with live drums and distorted electric guitars and synths,” describes Aditya.

The last song ‘Zoduya Moduya’ is the real treat for Goans as it features Goa’s Nightingale Lorna Cordeiro. The fun upbeat dance song also has a rap portion sung by Ester and Noel. “It’s very rare to hear rap done by females especially in India and we tried doing it in this song. This song is all about dance and celebrating life,” adds Aditya.

Having grown up listening to Lorna’s songs, the duo admits that they were nervous about presenting this song to her “However, the moment she held the mike and started recording the song she killed it. It was amazing. She not only sung it to perfection but also appreciated the music. It was lesson for both of us to learn from a legend, who was so down to earth,” gushes Tushar, adding that the best part was that when she was done recording her song, Lorna sat with them in the studio and looked at the other recordings and work of the film. “We will never forget that day,” says Tushar.

Speaking further about their experience while putting together these songs, the duo admits that creating the title song was the most difficult. “This song was the most important to the film. Since it repeats so many times, the challenge was to avoid making it sound monotonous. So, we played a lot with different tunes within the song and used every piece of its various instruments,” they say.

And while there are times when differences of opinions do crop up while working in a team, the duo reveal that they had no issues of this sort as both of them understood each other’s working style and worked together as a team. “The task of the music director is to create tunes or melody and decide the instrumentation. An arranger and producer on the other hand makes it happen by actually making everything from the scratch on the computer, playing various instruments, recording, giving special effects etc. In today’s time where everything is electronically done, it’s a team job that makes it wonderful,” they conclude.

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