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Ban On Plastic From January 2020


This movement is degenerating into a hate or ban plastic crusade with world media patronage emotionally controlling people with false narratives and insufficient holistic knowledge to brand all  plastic manufacturers and users as polluters! Today plastics play an indispensible part in many industrial processes and countries’ economies and perhaps with some exceptions, modern life cannot do without them! They are non biodegradable and can remain in same condition, shape and size for 1000 years without degrading in landfills and release carcinogenic vapors on incineration. The disposal and misuse of plastic waste has been so rampant that its presence is seen in elephant dung, cattle stomach, floating waste dumps on surface and bottom of the oceans, exuding from dead fish bellies forming a deadly cocktail with packaging material, blocking drains etc. The Sonsodo unmanageable dump hill of garbage in Margao is a deadly example of what can happen if we cannot come up with an effective plastic management and waste disposal policy with efficient implementation. Instead of being an innovator and helping in finding ways and means to help manufacturers and users of plastics with alternative means, the Goa government is taking the easy way out by completely banning use of plastics from 2020 with draconian laws. Replacement with cloth bags and so on is good, but falls far short of the 1001 uses of waterproof, foldable, economical convenience of plastic bags. Just two at home  examples.  The Week magazine had stopped posting in plastic jackets, but had to revert during monsoons. Others who did not, had soggy unreadable ones in their postbox! An accident victim both hands in bandage alone at home could wash dishes with both hands in plastic bags! There is nothing wrong with this wonderful invention, but something wrong with us!

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