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Baina Shanty Demolition: Government Acted Rightly

In this daily’s July 23 issue, a letter written by Adelmo Fernandes was published wherein he has criticised the state government for demolishing the illegal huts on the seashore near the Ravindra Bhawan at Baina in Vasco. These structures had crossed the danger zone of being swept away by the fierce tidal waves, which usually cause loss of life and property. It is the first and foremost function of a government to protect the life and property of its subject. The state government had issued the dwellers notices to vacate their huts before the monsoon but they did not heed the notices. The state government cannot be a silent spectator to the impending tragedy and then get labelled as an insensitive and incompetent government. It made arrangements for them for alternative accommodation and also provided them with ration quota and went ahead with the demolition drive. A courageous step indeed, well appreciated by all the right-thinking people, not only of Goa but the entire country. It is rightly said, prevention is better than cure. Fernandes further writes that it is a mistake of the government to demolish the huts during monsoon. It means that according to him, the government should have allowed the slum dwellers to get drowned during the monsoon. Would that not have been inhuman? Without a bitter pill, there is no remedy to malady. Fernandes’ statement can embolden those rash activists of Karnataka who have issued a threat of blocking the supply of rice, vegetables, milk and fish to Goa. Let them know that Fernandes’ view is not everybody’s view. Let them also know that every state of India is interdependent. On the part of Karnataka government, it must take deterrent action against all those so-called activists, who have spread hatred against our government and tried to rise against a state by threatening to block its supply of essential food items. Our state government has done a good job. Well done and keep it up!

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