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Ayodhya case: Hindu side urges SC to undo historical wrong

New Delhi: The Hindu side on Tuesday urged the five-member Supreme Court  bench hearing the Ayodhya title dispute, to undo the historical wrong where a foreign conqueror built a mosque on the birthplace place of Lord Ram.

 Senior advocate K Parasaran, appearing for Ram Lalla Virajman, said before the bench: “A  foreign conqueror can’t come to India, say ‘I am Emperor Babur and I am the law’… There is no  instance of Hindus going outside its territory to conquer, though we had most powerful rulers.  This is a very important aspect in the hearing on the matter.”

He further insisted that Muslims can pray elsewhere, as there are 55-60 mosques in Ayodhya  alone. 

But for the Hindus, it is the birthplace of Lord Ram, and the community cannot change it. 

“For Muslims it is a historic mosque and all mosques are equal for them. For Hindus, who have  been fighting for centuries, it is the birthplace of Lord Ram,” said Parasaran.

On the 39th day of hearing in the matter, Parasaran that once a temple is always a temple  contesting the Muslim side’s argument that once a mosque was too always a mosque. 

At this, Justice S A Bobde queried him “that particular building is a mosque, what can be done if  it ceases to exist?” 

Parasaran told the bench to examine the issue from the aspect of Hindu law and English law. 

Justice D Y  Chandrachud also questioned him on the legal aspect of the title especially in the  existence and non-existence of the structure.

Parasaran claimed that Muslims protected the title of the disputed site through adverse  possession.

After these questions from the bench, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi quipped at senior advocate  Rajeev Dhavan, representing the Muslim side. 

“Dr Dhavan… Do you now think we are asking enough questions from them. Yesterday you said  we don’t ask them anything,” said the Chief Justice while sharing a light moment with the  counsels.

The hearing will continue later in the day. The hearing in the Ayodhya title dispute is in the last  phase as the arguments will be wrapped up on Thursday.

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