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Amche Dobaje…Amchim Gitam
Dalgado Konknni Akademi along with Tomazinho Cardozo has released the album which is a collection of Konkani songs that can be sung at various Goan celebratory events. These days songs are rendered in English at most events. This album has been specially created by DKA to preserve Goan culture with songs rendered in Konknni. The album begins with ‘Zolmachea Disa’ by Queeny Fernandes followed by Shirish Lawande singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’. The album continues with Queeny and Archana Khandeparkar singing ‘Khuxal Zolm-Dis’. There are also special songs for milestone birthdays like ‘Porbim Tuka’ for a twenty first birthday is sung by Sonia Shirsat and Anthony San for birthday a boy and girl respectively. ‘Porbim Tuka’ by Queeny Fernandes is a birthday for those turning fifty, sixty and seventy.
For wedding anniversaries, Queeny and Anthony San render ‘Kazarachea Disa’. The album also has three bridal dance numbers – ‘Tum Mhojea Kallzant Riglo’ by Sonia and Anthony is a bridal waltz that is followed by the serene ‘Sukhnneachea Gayonamni’ by Irene and Tomazinho Cardozo and the great waltz ‘Dis Ho Sontosacho’ by Sonia Shirsat. Irene and Tomazinho render a song which may be sung for christenings, first Holy Communion and other religious functions and of course there is ‘Porbim’ which is congratulations in Konkani and can be sung for any occasion. Lyrics for all songs have been written by Tomazinho Cardozo while Shirish Lawande and Purnanand Chari have also composed a song each. The catchy tunes and recording have been put together by Mukesh Ghatwal. Every Goan household should have this album. Contact Dalgado Konknni Academy for a free copy as this album is not for sale anywhere.

Bonifacio and Romitha Productions have released their maiden album ‘Rinn’ which is a collection of twelve songs rendered by some of the Konkani stage’s top artistes. The album begins with Rons singing ‘Punorjivontponn’, a song about a critically injured child miraculously surviving after prayers and baptism. Lawry Travasso sings about the power of prayer in ‘Magnnem’, Jessica and Teotonio render the amusing ‘Kiss’ and ‘Koslo Faido’ by Roma is a deserted mother’s lament.
The title song ‘Rinn’ is sung by comedian Marcus and serves as a warning against borrowing and greed, and ‘Bhavache Kortub’ is a trio by Reagan, Jessica and Teotonio. The though provoking ‘Parvo’ by Rosario de Benaulim is a song on birds and humans, Ignatius de Xelvon sings ‘Onupkari’ while ‘Bhav Bhoinn’ by Valensha along with Marcus speaks of the pain suffered by children whose parents have separated. Jessica sings of the nostalgic old days, Marcus pokes fun at two wheeler riders who cover their faces in ‘Tondd Lipoita’ and the final track ‘108’ by Ignatius, Marcus and Rons takes a critical look at the ambulance service. Music in the album has been created by James Vaz on the keyboard and Dexter Furtado on the trumpet. The album is worth having and listening to.

Girest Potichi Gorib Ghorkan
Anthony de Varca has released ‘Girest Potichi Gorib Ghorkan’ which consists of thirteen songs on various themes. Rosario de Benaulim begins with a song requesting tiatrist not to soil the Konkani stage on ‘Palk Mello Korinakat’. ‘Khuddo ani Uzvadd’ by Roseferns compels listeners to think about the blind man’s tryst with the electricity department. ‘Saulli Ditelem Zhadd’ by Bushka and Benny de Aldona is on a family problem, Lawry Travasso pays tribute to older artistes and young Swizerl renders the touching ‘Bolatkar’. Ulhas Tari’s ‘Ekvottacho Pull’ tells of a solved family quarrel, Janet and Filipe Almeida ask listeners to shun jealousy on ‘Dusreachem Borem Chintt’ and Seby de Divar sings ‘Girest Bhikari’. There are still a few more numbers like ‘Toiari Korat’ by Bushka, the title song by Tony de Ribandar and ‘Hakach Kiteak Vorona’ by Seby and Roma. The album ends with ‘Dolleacho Uzvadd’ by Rosario de Benaulim and ‘Borem Kor’ by Benny de Aldona. Credits need to be given to Norman Cardozo who has created the album beautifully.

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