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Audio REVIEWs – JP Pereira

‘J’ Letranche Kolakar

Comedian Jane is one of the talented comic stars that graced the Konkani stage. She is now working in London and has released her first DVD featuring songs rendered by tiatr artistes and new singers along with a duo rendered by her 80-year-old mother, Marianinha Rebello, who once sang on stage when she was young.

Sabino Rebello, Janes’s grandfather, was a well-known musician who played for top artistes including the late C Alvares and Remmie Colaco.

Dedicating the album to her mother, Jane released the disc on her mother’s 80th birthday in her honour.

The songs are rendered by Lanisha and Delisha Vaz, Tommy Afonso, Aloysia Gomes, Anil and Olga Vaz, Pascoal with Laveena Vaz, Marianinha and Mary, Filipe Almeida, Jerry, Ben Evangelisto and Divya Naik.

The album opens with the title song by Comedian Jane who sings about Jesus and many artistes including herself, whose names begin with the letter ‘J’. Lanisha and Delisha Vaz pay tribute to St Francis Xavier, Goa’s very own patron saint and Tommy Afonso portrays ‘Heathrow Airport’ in song. Aloysia Gomes pays homage to her parents on ‘Uzvaddacho Divo’, Olga Vaz renders the political ‘Za Goienkar Khoro’ and the importance of a mother is narrated in ‘Maim’ by Laveena and Pascoal Vaz.

Ben Evangelisto renders ‘Dotor’. Marianinha with Mary sings ‘Bhoinni’, amusing adventures of two elderly sisters and Jerry cautions ungrateful children in ‘Bhurgim’.

The fishy problem plaguing Goa today is dealt with in ‘Formalin’ by Olga. Anil and Divya Naik beautifully renders ‘Devak Kallzi’ in tribute to the almighty God. The music and the filming makes this one of the best tracks on the album.

And the final track ‘Forem ani Kail’ by Jane and Filipe is about migrants who come and try to take over Goa while Goans rush to London. Chief guest at the release was Churchill Alemao, present along with his family. The DVD has been filmed by Aamar P Sawanth in Goa and in London, while the video has been edited by Patson Barbosa.

Produced and directed by Comedian Jane, the songs are backed by Elick Vaz. The music makes for a pleasant listen. An audio disc of the songs is also included as a bonus.

The audio and video are a double treat for lovers of Konkani music.

Tunch Mhozo Raza

Jose and Evon Fernandes (JosEvon) have released their eighth audio album. The ten-track collection is an auditory treat. After the fanfare by Natasha, Jose renders ‘Tallo’ a solo that narrates the horrendous experience of losing his voice. ‘Tarvotti’ by Jr Reagan tells the tale of a seaman who earned well enough but greed gets the better of him when he learns that there is more earning in London. ‘Konknni Ulounk Zai’ by Natasha with Stancio is an amusing tussle over the Konkani language between two youngsters while ‘Tunch Mhozo Raza’, the title song by JosEvon is a poem of love shared between the husband and wife. Tribute is paid to the late Jack de Sequeira, the savior of Goa by Menino de Bandar. This is one of the best songs and the gratitude he presents through song is genuine. Peter with Luciano renders ‘Jivit Mogan Sar’, JosEvon sing for deserted grandparents in ‘Xemaim-Xepai’ and Susanna with Franky renders ‘Chotur Rav’ a warning against certain misbehaviour. Jose follows with a beautiful birthday song titled ‘Zolmancho Dis’ and the final track ‘Bolaiki Samball’ has Evon, Arnaldo and Stancio giving some health tips with doses of humour. The lyrics are set to good music by Filipe Barreto. The intros along with the fillers are good to hear and the album makes for good listening.

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