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Assonora locals demand teacher arrangement at govt school

Mapusa: Assonora villagers on Sunday raised the issue of lack of toilet facility in the village market area and demanded that the panchayat should make provision of the same and also demanded a teacher arrangement at government school.

The issues were raised during the gram sabha held on Sunday, which was presided over by sarpanch Sapna Mapari along with panchayat secretary Raj Kumar Chodankar. All panchayat members were present for the gram sabha.

Besides these issues, the villagers also highlighted the issue of dumping of construction material along the roadsides and the subsequent problems for traffic.

One of the villagers demanded that the panchayat should take up the issue of teacher shortfall at the Government Primary School at Moitem and stopgap arrangement should be made so that students’ education does not get affected. 

A villager brought to the notice of the panchayat that due to absence of a teacher, who has gone on maternity leave, students were facing inconvenience. He added that “we have already raised the issue with zonal education office, however, nothing has been done about it.”

Replying on the issue, the sarpanch assured to take up the matter with the education department.

Villager Chandra Shekhar raised the issue of lack of toilet facility in the market area. He said that “in absence of a toilet facility people urinate in open spaces and it has given rise to stinking problem.”

Sarpanch Mapari asked villagers to identify land for taking up construction of a toilet structure.

A pay toilet facility is available in the village at the bus stand, however, people do not use it and instead prefer to urinate in the open, it was stated.

Wilson Pinto pointed out that water pipelines are damaged at various places and “if we have to make any complaint in that regard, we have to travel to Mapusa.” He said that the village needs to have a water section office for quick redressal of any water problem.

“There are looking for a site and soon they will have an office,” replied sarpanch.

Pinto suggested that the panchayat should make a provision for the same in the panchayat ghar.

The issue regarding problems caused due to dumping of construction material along the road at Moitem was also raised. The locals demanded that the panchayat should take action and ensure smooth flow of vehicles. The gram sabha also passed the gram panchayat development plan for 2020-21.

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