Thursday , 27 February 2020
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Asian Women’s Film Fest comes to Goa


In continuing with its mission to promote a film culture in the state, Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) will now host the travelling edition of the 15th International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) Asian Women’s Film Festival on August 17 and 18.

The Asian Women’s Film Festival (AWFF) was incepted in 2005 in New Delhi. The festival has grown in strength and popularity over the years with increasing participation of filmmakers. The 2019 edition concluded in March at the India International Centre in Delhi. This year, for the first time, a travelling edition of the festival will take place in Goa, Bhopal, Kohima, Hyderabad, and Srinagar.

Out of 50 films that are part of the festival, a selection of 18 films will be brought for viewers in Goa. This edition will showcase films by women filmmakers from Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Taiwan, UAE, Israel, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India.

The package includes feature length fiction and documentaries, short films, animation films and a special section of audio documentaries. 

The film sections have been curated thematically looking at topics like ‘love, marriage and relationships’, ‘border, homeland and country’, ‘all women families’, and ‘women working in the media’. There is also a special selection of short animation films that will be shown at the festival.

Some highlights of the festival include the feature length Bangladesh film ‘Under Construction’ by filmmaker Rubaiyat Hossain about a theatre artist in Bangladesh who tries to defy societal norms and live life on her own terms despite the price she has to pay for it.

‘Displacement and Resilience’, a documentary by Chandita Mukherjee about conflict, migration and exile featuring the lives of women refugees from five locations around the world will also be screened along with two films by women filmmakers from north east India.

“One of the mandates of ESG is to promote a film culture in Goa so it is our aim to host as many activities as possible related to promoting film,” said CEO, ESG, Amit Satija, at a press conference about the festival.  ESG has been instrumental in bringing a variety of cinema to Goa and recently hosted the European Film Festival which was met with success. Apart from this, film screenings are held every Thursday by the Cinephile Club headed by executive council member, ESG, Sachin Chatte.

Following the Asian Women’s Film Fest, ESG will host the National Award-Winning Film Festival, Film Critics Guild Festival, followed by the International Film Festival of Goa this year.

(The screenings will be held at the Cinephile Film Club of the Entertainment Society of Goa, Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, Panaji on August 17 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and August 18 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Entry is open to all above 18 years on a first come first serve basis.)

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