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Priests offering prayers to Lord Vitthal

Ashadhi Ekadashi celebrated in Sakhali

Ashadhi Ekadashi was celebrated at Lord Vitthal temple Vithalapur Sakhali with different rituals.  As Lord Vitthal temple, Sakhali is considered the second Pandharpur, people thronged to this temple. Pilgrims were seen walking on foot to this temple from various places to pay their homage to Lord Vitthal-Rakhumai.

Many devotees from areas like Mayem, Narvem, Pilgao, Ona-Maulingem-Kudchirem, Mulgao, Pale, Velguem, Bicholim and many surrounding areas were seen walking towards this temple in groups while chanting out the name of Lord Vitthal. Along with the devotee groups many associations or the ‘varkari mandals’ also participated in the pilgrimage. Similarly students of various schools were seen participating in the pilgrimage.

Meanwhile the varkari who had travelled to Pandharpur from Mulgao to seek the blessings of Lord Pandurang returned on this auspicious day. A group of around 245 pilgrims had spent 13 days walking to Pandharpur.

The temple priest was seen performing pooja at Vitthal temple on the occasion at Vithalapur Sakhali.

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