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As part of the International Film Festival of India 2019 (IFFI), the Campal Promenade will once again play host to the project ‘IFFI MILE 2019’ put together by the students of Goa College of Art, Altinho. NT BUZZ pays a visit

Art Attack at IFFI


If you’ve travelled down Dayanand Bandodkar Road in the last few days you may have noticed that there’s something creative in the works at the Campal Promenade. And if you’ve put it down to being IFFI related, you’ve guessed it right.

About 200 students of Goa College of Art, Altinho have been hard at work for the past month to put up a special art show for the public. Titled ‘IFFI MILE’, there will be 10 projects on display on a stretch of about 150-160 metres along the Promenade.

This is the second time in a row, that the college will be displaying their talent, having done their first show at the first edition of IFFI in Goa, which also included screening of short films and documentaries at Miramar Beach

 “This year when we got the invitation from Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) to curate our section for IFFI 2019 we accepted it as a good opportunity for our students to showcase their talent. Thus, we designed a strategic plan and submitted it to ESG and we got through,” says principal, Goa College of Art, Mahesh Vengurlekar.

He adds that last year the students received a very good response from the public. “This year we are having it on a larger scale,” he says.

Indeed, this year, each class has been allotted a different project, and have been aided by their class teacher as well an IAS officer in putting it together. Everything will be cinema related.

The First Years will be putting up game stalls like Angry Birds (sling shot game); Avengers End Game (dart game); Baahubali (lifting the lingam and pushing the bull). The Second Years will have a street illusion (Jungle Book) while the Third Years will showcase a Haunted House. The Fourth Years meanwhile will be focusing on creating sets of different films like ‘Lego’, ‘Monsters Inc’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Jurassic Park’.

The students will also be doing rangoli on the spot. Plus, there will be paintings on themes like Humour in Films, Goan House with Artefacts, apart from drawings and craft, mural and sculptures.

The project has been included as part of their academic performance and students will be given marks accordingly. “We decided to make this a part of academics so that they take it seriously. We are hoping to get best results out of it,” says Vengurlekar, and adds, “It is an academic project but it will be


Prior, to this, the college has also taken up projects for government offices, airport authorities, Ravindra Bhavan, Ponda, etc. And such big projects, says Vengurlekar, gives students exposure and encourages them. He says: “I believe that students’ work should not be restricted to classrooms only. IFFI is a bigger canvas as they are getting to display their art to a wider audience. And the self-confidence they gain at such platforms goes a long way. They will also learn managerial skills which will help them in the future.”

MoU with ESG

This year, Goa College of Art has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Entertainment Society of Goa for an exchange of activities. As part of this, some Masterclasses will be held at the college. “As we also teach filmmaking, these Masterclasses will greatly benefit the students,” says Vengurlekar.

Students throw more light on the projects

Tanisi Sinai Kakodkar who is pursuing her third year in Applied Arts says that this platform will give them an experience on how to work outside the classroom. Their class is making a haunted house which is about different characters and scenes from horror movies. 

Fourth year student, Saiesh Mahale who is specialising in photography and studying design as a basic subject, says that through this project they are getting to know more about materials, and how to handle things. “We have been doing designs over the years and for this project we can apply what we have learned and make installations,” he says, referring to a line of installations that they are creating where people can get the experience of walking through sets of different movies, have the experience of being in the movie, and interact with characters. “It is somewhat like a photo booth wherein people can click pictures. Those who have not been to movie sets will get its feel because we are creating the exact environment here,” he says.

Another student of first year in Applied Arts, Siya Tamba says that their class has chosen to create three games based on the themes of three movies – ‘Baahubali’, ‘Avengers: End Game’ and ‘Angry Birds’. “‘Baahubali’ was one of the best movies ever made and everyone loves it. Here the participant will have to lift the lingam, we are putting lot of weight. There will be some more challenges related to other movies,” she says.

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