Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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Are you really fit?

By Luke Coutinho

You may be running a marathon, lifting heavy weights, enrolled in yoga or Pilates or engaged in high interval training. This doesn’t mean you are fit.You may have a fantastic body or a svelte attractive figure, but this does not mean you are fit.

You may be eating organic food, you may be vegan, you may be buying expensive ingredients and cooking exotic cuisines, you may be on salads and juices, but this does not mean you are fit.

You may be engaged in daily meditation, you may be deeply connected to your spiritual beliefs, you may have all of the above going well for you, but unfortunately, this does not mean you are fit.

All of the above definitely and surely will help you get there, but there a right way to do it.

We all know or have heard stories of extremely fit or healthy people expiring at young ages. It puzzles us. But like I said above, it’s a little more than just the above.

Being fit and healthy are two different things. In the process of trying to get and look fit, many people lose their health or actually make it worse…


An overweight person trying to run a marathon or half marathon.

A person with low Vitamin D3 levels training excessively.

Training or working with less hours of sleep.

Trying to achieve a fitness goal like a race, run or marathon whilst trying to lose weight at the same time. (Conflicting goals).

Slamming in a one-hour workout in your day because you feel once you do that then that’s out of the way and your fit and everything else will take care of itself.

Losing weight by cutting out macro nutrients from your diet.

Following crazy exercise and diet fads that rob the body of nutrition and severely compromise immunity, leading to more disease and problems.

Striving for goals that may not be inline with your age.

Being on juice fasts or ‘Diets’ that starve the body of essential nutrition.

To fall into the framework of being ‘Fit’, you need to have these parameters in place

Blood sugar levels

Blood pressure

Cholesterol (LDL and HDL. I would be more impressed with a higher HDL and not stress out too much about LDL unless the HDL was low.)


Liver function

Kidney function

Vitamin D3 (deficiency of this can be a precursor to cancer, especially breast cancer, not just osteoporosis or weak bones…It can lead to many complications.)

Vitamin B12



These parameters are what define your health and fitness levels. Yes, a healthy weight and BMI is equally important, but many a times we attribute a healthy weight more to our body image and less to our internal parameters.

Start looking at your health and fitness in a more holistic way.

Let your goal be to feel healthy and fit and to do all the things it takes to get there, and believe me, your weight will automatically take care of itself.

Don’t make weight loss your goal, that’s just a small milestone in the journey. The exercise you choose to do, the food you choose to eat and the stress busters or hobbies you do should make you happy. Then it will work magic for your body.

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