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Any senior citizen can avail of Free Legal Aid Service: Prasad

Panaji: The principal of V M Salgaonkar College of Law, Dr M R K Prasad, on Monday, stated that he does not agree with what happened in Hyderabad with the rape accused, as “we are a part of the civil society and the purpose of the law is to provide justice.”

Addressing the senior citizens at B N Melwani Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens, at Mala, Panaji, Dr Prasad said that “court blames lawyers and lawyers blame courts but we do not teach our children that daughters are not for raping.”

He said, “Any senior citizen can avail of the Free Legal Aid Service, and redress their legal grievances like land dispute, illegal construction, family dispute, property dispute and any dispute under the Sun.”

 “Advocates – Aishwarya Sinari, Raisa Gomes, Mariah Martins, Shreyash Naik, Sanjana Kakodkar, Ankita Dwivedi,  Shartan Pinto, Clariza Fernandes, Dattaprasad Toraskar, George Pereira, Natasha Couto, Rakshata Naik and Urmila Sutar would look after the matters at B N Melvani

Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens, between 3-5 pm every Saturday,” he further said.

“They will assist all the senior citizens in their legal matters, and if they cannot find a proper solution, then they would consult their seniors and would try to deliver justice to the seekers free of charge or they can even consult me during my free time and seek free legal advice,” he added.

While the director of Legal Aid Society, Dr Shabir Ali said that legal aid cell will be run by the students of Salgaonkar College of Law at senior citizens’ centre for the benefit of the society, and added that the lawyers’ services will be available free of cost to those who cannot afford their fees. The concept of welfare state and justice for all originated from Justice P N Bhagwati.

He also stated that as per Justice Krishna Iyer, legal aid includes legal literacy, para-legal services and pre-litigation process, and added that it

extends also to representations, law reforms and enforcement of law process.

“There are laws which make it compulsory to look after the parents but largely people do  not know this… they can approach deputy collector, lodge a complaint and get their basic demands fulfilled,” stated Advocate Amit Palekar.

While replying to a query, Dr Prasad stated that Juvenile Justice System forms a committee to go through the crimes committed by the juveniles and then decides whether to punish or not but nowadays

children are exposed to many things on smart phones where even a 6-7 year-old child surfs pornography.

He pointed that the parents have to take the responsibility, and added that due to nuclear families there is nobody to look after the minor

children at home while previously in the joint families such things never happened.

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