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An ode to women


Music is a never ending journey for singer and songwriter Akshada Bandekar. Having released 10 songs so far in different languages like English, Konkani and Hindi, the singer is now back with a new music video ‘What’s Next’.

Women, she says, are sometimes underappreciated and their dreams and ambitions are undervalued just because they are women.

And it is this which she seeks to address through the new track which has been released on various social media and streaming platforms.

 “At the same time, I created it as an ode to women and their amazing ability to deal with challenges and be a source of inspiration. The song also has this sense of rebelliousness and a firm sense of self belief that no matter what comes my way, I can handle it,” says Bandekar, who is currently pursuing her third year at Goa College of Engineering, Ponda.

Interestingly, Bandekar first began writing the lyrics to the song back in her first year during a social science lecture on women empowerment.

“My professor wanted me to sing a relevant song at the end of the lecture and I just couldn’t think of one at that moment. So I decided to write one on my own.  And that’s when the seeds of this song were sown,” she says.

The song was sent to Studio 301 for mixing and mastering. “Studios 301 is the largest studio in Australia and they are home to some of the best international music professionals in the industry. So it was wonderful having this track mixed there,” she says.

Bandekar believes that anyone will be able to relate to this song because it’s a song about never giving up and being strong in any situation.

“I hope it causes a shift in the perspective of how we view our problems and encourages all those who hear it to find their inner strength and make the best out of whatever comes their way,” she says.

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