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An artist among the film buffs

IFFI has been host to a bouquet of talent and one such talent is caricaturist ND Adam who is not an infrequent face to IFFI this year. NT BUZZ speaks to this 81-year-old caricaturist to know about his life and more


ND Adam may not be a known personality to many but he is a familiar face at IFFI for quite some many years now. Seen at most of the press conferences, discussions and activities within the IFFI premises, 81-year-old Mumbai-based caricaturist Adam is always seen demonstrating his specialisation in live sketching in front of anyone who respects his talent.

Interestingly, Adam has sketched 2000 live sketches in the 64 film festivals that he has attended till date. “I made it a point to sketch the personalities I met in order to make a memory and also to add on to my collection. I have plans to bring out a book that will feature all my works till date,” says Adam who has sketched five presidents of India, the latest being Pranab Mukherjee. Besides, he also drew a sketch of former Governor of Goa, Bharat Vir Wanchoo who appreciated his work and rewarded him with a cash prize. Adam claims a sketch done in 2002 of Brazilian footballer Ronaldo is his masterpiece as he had predicted the victory of Brazil and the Golden Boot to the footballer.

To Adam, sketching came instinctively. “Since childhood I liked to sketch on random topics. In school my teacher saw my sketches and she motivated me to draw more. She also said that I would become a good artist if I would keep practising. It was only later that I started doing live sketching,” says Adam. He further adds: “I was once told by my friend that sketching is easy but live sketching is very difficult. I took it as a challenge and here I am today, doing live sketching,” he says.

Though he has faced a financial crunch throughout his life, he is happy with what he is doing, he says: “Money has always been a problem, but, people have been kind enough to give me something or the other for my work. I never ask for money as I believe that if my work is good I will surely be rewarded for it.”

Adam believes that if he starts pricing his work people will not be willing to get sketched. “I don’t want to price my work as one can get a photograph clicked in a studio at a lesser price. Why would someone want to get sketched at a high price when he can get it for cheaper?” questions Adam, who also adds that some people need to respect talent.

Adam reveals that being rich is not needed and that talent is also equally vital to survive. “I am not wealthy but people who respect my talent are the wealth I possess,” he concludes.

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