Wednesday , 16 October 2019
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An angry god

The reasons for heavy downpours also have people coming up with their own explanations. Sanath Bharne from Panaji has heard from his parents and grandparents that when it pours torrentially, it means either ‘God is angry and thus sending such heavy showers’, or ‘Mother Earth is crying for what we have done to her’. Bharne however states that he chooses to believe the myth that there is rain when your loved one is missing you.

There are also various terms associated for the different kinds of rains. ‘Joglancho paus’ refers to when it is raining cats and dogs and ‘Olmyancho pavas’ which begins at the end of July and is said to refer to the rains that aid the growth of mushrooms.

There is no denying though that these various fables, strange myths, and the like, only add to the beauty of the season.

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