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Ameya Audi achieves IM title; Nitish Belurkar inches closer



Goan players Ameya Audi and Nitish Belurkar garnered IM norms following their excellent performance at Aeroflot Open Chess Tournament in Moscow, Russia which concluded on

Ameya Audi defeated GM Bogdanovich Stanislav (2546) of Ukraine and IM Vitaly Shinkevich (2442) of Russia besides drawing with three other IMs to be placed 10th by scoring 6 points out of 9 with a rating gain of 23.80 points and a performance rating of 2551, which helped Ameya to earn his 3rd IM Norm and thus achieve the IM title.

Earlier, Ameya had received a setback as one of his earlier IM norms was rejected by FIDE and hence he could not get the IM title. But, the Goan bounced back quickly to earn the much needed norm and thus achieved the IM title.

Meanwhile FM Nitish Belurkar, who was selected to represent Indian team for the Aeroflot Open Chess Tournament, defeated IM Golubov Saveliy (2469) of Russia and IM Gan-Erdene Sugar (2427) of Mongolia besides drawing with 1 IM and 2 FMs to be placed 27th as he scored 5 points out of 9 with a rating gain of 37.2
points and a performance rating of 2469, which helped him earn his 4th IM norm and inch closer to the IM title. Nitish needs another 50 ELO rating point to touch a rating of 2400 and achieve the IM title.

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