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Amazon India to eliminate single use plastic packaging

After the government asked e-commerce companies to reduce their plastic waste, Amazon India said that the company will eliminate single use plastic from its packaging by June 2020. The company plans to introduce paper cushions which will replace plastic dunnage like air pillows and bubble wraps across its centers in India.

“Paper cushions will be used to fill the void space inside packages to ensure that the product is well protected in transit. This environment friendly and fully recyclable packaging solution has already been launched in select fulfillment centers (FC) and will be extended across all FCs by the end of the year,” promised Amazon in a press note.

According to the company, its packaging material in the form of corrugate boxes and paper cushions contains as high as 100 per cent recycled content and is also fully recyclable. The plastic currently used in packaging mailers and bubble bags is made of 20 per cent recycled content and is also recyclable, said Amazon India.

The company claims that it is aggressively developing plastic free alternatives for packaging mailers, bubble bags, stretch wrap and tape used in the packaging which will help it eliminate all forms of plastic used in its packaging. Further it has also pledged to collect plastic equivalent to all of the plastic packaging material used by its FC network in the country from September 2019. This is an extension of the initiative which is underway in Maharashtra for a year, said the  company.  

Amazon India also launched packaging- free shipments last year to 13 cities to minimize secondary packaging required for individual shipments by securing multiple shipments together in a reusable crate or a corrugate box. This was introduced to reduce waste generated from secondary packaging of customer orders.

With e-commerce players wrapping all goods in layers of plastic packaging and generating voluminous waste, the government is mulling over making it compulsory for online companies to take back their plastic waste.

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