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All things style with Schulen Fernandes

Maria Fernandes | NT

‘Style is greater than fashion’ a workshop on the relevance of dressing right, establishing your style, investing in slow fashion and all things style, was held on December 1 at Dempo House, Panaji. Conducted by creative head of Wendell Rodricks, Schulen Fernandes, the workshop had a mix of participants that comprised students, homemakers, doctors, lawyers and more.

With a small self introduction, Schulen briefly spoke about the advent of fashion and its relevance. “It represents every culture in the world and is an important marker of time or civilisation. It is the freedom of expression and the right to choose,” she said. Through a presentation she explained how fashion adds value to everyday life and is an industry that brings communities and worlds together. She spoke of fashion’s role in the medical field, citing the mastectomy bra as an example and how fashion helps in expression not just to make personal statements but also to bring to the fore issues that are relevant.

In the segment, future of fashion, she advocated change in the minds of the designer and consumer. Stating alarming facts on how the new culture of fast fashion harms the environment, she said: “The fashion industry causes 10 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions. Producing more emissions than all international flights and shipping combined. Making and washing one pair of jeans emits the same CO2 as driving 100 kilometres.” Highlighting the importance of slow and sustainable fashion, she stated, “Both these movements have put the spotlight back on our rich heritage of cotton/khadi, the handloom and consequently our economy. They urge us to know the people or the ideology behind the brand. Fashion isn’t only fashion; it’s the person and mind behind the brand.” The session was an eye-opener which sparked interest and nudged the sensibilities of those present.

In the last segment, she simplified the various styles and spoke about personal style. “To become aware of your personal style, you need to ask yourself these questions. What words would you use to describe yourself? What do you want your style to say about who you are? Who inspires you, and why?” she explained. She stressed on the importance of dressing appropriately and according to body type, weather, occasion and self. She shared tips on wardrobe essentials not just for the ladies present but also included the few men in the audience.

The extremely relevant and interesting session ended with Schulen speaking about body positivity. Style has no size, she emphasised and quoting, Yves Saint Laurent, she said: “Fashions fade but style is eternal.”

In the Q&A that followed, participants got their doubts cleared and queries answered.

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