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All hail the ale!

The Beer ‘n’ Food festival at Cidade de Goa will give foodies a taste of the ale and food from around the world

Janice Savina Rodrigues| NT BUZZ


As a foodie it is very difficult to turndown offers like wine and food pairing, but when we heard of Cidade de Goa’s Beer n Food festival, it did spike my curiosity. Beer is an alcohol that generally one would drink with just about anything, from fish to steak to even the humble snack of nachos or croquettes. Being October, Cidade de Goa has joined the bandwagon of hotels offering all things to do with beer, a la Oktoberfest!

As we stepped into Cafe Azul, the always smiling chef Sunit Sharma welcomed us. After sharing a couple of niceties, the first question that was shot across to the chef was: Beer and food pairing? “Well it’s not technically pairing, but we have planned a menu that has beer from five countries and the most prominent foods from those countries. So you can choose your beers and the cuisines as per your taste,” says Sharma.

With a choice of beers from Britain, Belgium, Mexico, Austria and France you have a wide array of food to complement the drinks. We began our gastronomic journey with a tribute to Mexico. And ubiquitous to the cuisine, the first thing we were served were the staple nachos and tacos. The nachos are served in the vegetarian variant with cheese topping and salsa, while the tacos come in three variants that of seafood, chicken and beef. We tried the chicken variation and it was really good with all the flavours mingling with the soft, fresh dough of the taco. We then turned our attention to the European nation of France, with the mushroom croquettes served with ratatouille – they had a slight resemblance to the mushroom cutlets available locally albeit with the European flavour. Accompanied by eggplant of the ratatouille, this could be a vegetarian’s delight.

For the mains we hovered around the European offerings, with chef suggesting the quintessentially-French, Coq au Vin (Chicken with Red Wine). The chicken was perfectly cooked, not too moist, and neither dry, with the flavour of the wine lingering long after you finished the morsel. Then we hopped on to the famous English Beer batter Fish and Chips, this is one dish no one can go wrong with! Being heavy meat eaters, we then decided to try the Austrian Beef Schnitzel and it was a good choice! The crumb-fried beef was juicy and soft, and was served with creamy potato mash that accentuated the herbs marinade.

We wound up our country hopping on a rich chocolaty note with the Austrian sacher torte. The rich chocolate and almond cake was topped with raspberry jam, and to give it a French touch we also had the crème brûlée. The richness of the dessert was enticing as the spoons broke through the caramelised sugar crust and into the creamy pudding. A truly sweet note to end the feasting.

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