Tuesday , 19 November 2019
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All about ‘The waste less project’

Margao-based urban designer Saritha Sudhakaran’s ‘The waste less project’ helps people reduce their household waste within 12 weeks. NT BUZZ finds out how


People often have a hard time finding ways and means to get rid of their waste. Urban designer, Saritha Sudhakaran has developed an online solution where she guides and directs people through her blog, personalised emails and other social media tools as to how to identify waste, de-clutter, recycle and segregate it.

The idea came to Saritha when she discovered that people would simply throw garbage in the bin and think that their responsibility of waste management was done. “I have heard the most common rant by people and against the government that ‘waste management is a complicated, expensive and extremely unsustainable problem that requires a lot of money, time and effort to be resolved,” she says.

So, in order to help people deal with their garbage through various technique and methods I thought of starting this initiative,” she says.

People can register for the 12-week programme by joining the community online on https://wastelessproject.home.blog/ or on Facebook, Instagram (@wastelesspro) or via WhatsApp. Following the registration people will receive weekly guidelines every Monday.

“Though I am helping people with various ways and methods I am also using this platform to research about people’s waste problems. I will also be sending feedback forms through which they can communicate and share their waste problems with me. This will be also useful for me to understand what kind of waste problems people are dealing with. I do not live a zero-waste lifestyle yet. But I am attempting this change and I’ve created this project,” adds Saritha.

She also mentions that due to various lifestyle changes it might be easy to begin, but it will prove to be incrementally challenging in the subsequent weeks. “If you stick with it, at the end of 12 weeks you’ll be on the road to a life with much lesser trash (and stuff) in it,” says the urban designer who has also worked as an advisor on waste management planning for villages in the state with the Goa Waste Management Corporation.

The blog comes with some easy tips which one can follow at home. For example how people can ditch paper napkins if they make a point to always carry a handkerchief. There are steps to show people how they can list what waste actually consists of and what is not and at the same time there are other easy DIY’s which people can do on a daily basis.

The whole purpose is to help people embark on a sustainable way of living and help provide them with valuable information pertaining to waste and its management.


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