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Aldona institution seeks police protection for resumption of classes

Mapusa: The principal of Aldona-based institution Fr Jerald Sahayaraj P, on Monday, requested the police department to provide protection at the premises for the next few days until the ‘matter’ is resolved so that classes could be resumed. 

The principal said that the allegations would be probed after a complaint is lodged in a proper way, adding the probe would take its own course, and  action would be taken if needed.

He was addressing the people, who had  gathered at the school gate to extend support to two male teachers against whom allegations were levelled on Saturday.

“It is unfortunate that things have taken such a turn, which should have not happened,” he added.

The protest at the Aldona-based institution entered third day on Monday, wherein a group of parents and ex-students extended support to the two male teachers against whom allegations of harassment have been made.

The supporters demanded that classes should be resumed and action should be taken against “the mob which created  a ruckus on Saturday.”

A large police posse was deployed and was led by PI Navlesh Dessai; joint mamlatdar Rahul Dessai was present. The supporters also condemned the  comments which were made against present principal and manager.

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