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Airbnb cheers for its stakeholders

Travel aggregator company, Airbnb is launched , That’s Why We Airbnb campaign where hosts, guests and influencers shared their individual travel experiences. The company’s brand ambassadors Mandira Bedi, fitness expert, Huma Qureshi, actress and Nolan Mascarenhas, travel writer, conducted the campaign.

The campaign celebrates the spirit of individuality and people’s love for travel. It narrates the stories of real travellers during their Airbnb-powered holidays. Commenting on the campaign,  Amanpreet Bajaj, country manager, Airbnb India, said, “It is an ode to everyone who expresses their individuality through travel. Whether it’s a family looking to bond in a home, a couple or an individual, the That’s Why We Airbnb campaign means something to everyone. For hosts it is an opportunity to showcase their city to guests and earn a sustained extra income.

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is present in nearly 100,000 cities and 191


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