Wednesday , 12 August 2020
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Agnelo, Clifton emerge match winners for Dicarpale



Early first half strikes by attacking medio Agnelo Colaso and Clifton Rebello enabled Dicarpale SC to register a well deserved 2-0 win over Margao SC and enter the finals of Navelim Villagers Union Trophy football tournament played at Rosary grounds, Navelim on Saturday.

Dicarpale’s Agnelo Colaso found the mark in the 5th minute and in the next minute Clifton Rebello bulged the nets to keep their team in high spirits.

Playing an attacking game, Dicarpale SC were the first to have a look at the rival goal when stopper back Agnelo Colaso sent a stiff grounder which was saved by Margao SC keeper Agnelo Noronha in the second minute of play.

Dicarpale SC kept pressing hard and succeeded in taking the lead in the 5th minute when Agnelo Colaso made a dash for a through ball and then sent an angular effort to beat the Margao SC keeper Agnelo Noronha who had no chance at all to stop the ball from entering the nets.

Hardly had the cheers died down when Dicarpale SC bolstered their lead through Clifton Rebello who took full advantage of a disturbed Margao SC defence and banged the ball in to go two goals up.

Margao SC thereafter regrouped well and kept a hawk’s eye on Dicarpale strikers who were pinned down when they tried to come charging up.

The ball then swung from one end to the other as both the teams went all out for the kill. There were moves and counter moves with the defence of both the teams having a busy time in repelling the attacks at either end.

Dicarpale SC keeper Avin Vales demonstrated a lot of courage and anticipation to bring some spectacular saves off Margao’s most dangerous striker Melvan Furtado who at least on three occasions got past the Dicarpale’s strong defensive line and shot goalwards, but somehow keeper Avin Vales managed to keep his slate clean with smart saves.

There was action at the other end when Dicarpale’s Joel Colaso dodged two Margao SC defenders and unleashed a powerful shot in the 30th minute which missed the mark narrowly.

Just two minutes before the lemon break Margao SC made an attempt to find the mark through Edgar Noronha whose shot was collected without much difficulty by Dicarpale keeper Avin Vales.

Both the teams played a defensive game in the second session for the first few minutes and as the match wore on the teams looked for scoring opportunities.

For most part of this session, the teams used both flanks to try and hoodwink each other’s defence which however remained alert for most part.

Margao SC’s defender Roque Borges stood like a rock in the second session and denied Dicarpale SC strikers to manoeuvre freely inside the box.

So too, the Dicarpale defence mostly depended on Piedade Colaso who was seen coming from nowhere to foil the attempts of Margao SC team who tried hard to at least pull a goal back but in vain.

The midfield of Margao SC could have done much better in spraying some defence splitting passes which was hardly seen, even though there were some moments when the team did split the Dicarpale defence but were unable to beat the keeper when chances came.

Dicarpale SC now will meet Sao Jose de Areal in the final to be played on November 20.

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