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AG hopeful of solution to mining tangle

Newly-appointed Advocate General of the state DEVIDAS PANGAM believes that a solution to the vexed mining tangle could emerge through a legal way. In an interview with SOIRU VELIP, Pangam says that power should be exercised for the interest of the people.

­Q:  How do you look at the position of Advocate General of the state?

Advocate General is a constitutional post which comes with responsibilities, duties and power. When you are in power you have corresponding duties… I strongly feel that power should be used for the interest of the public.  I am aware that I will have to perform these duties with a true spirit that our forefathers handed down to us. I believe that whatever power I have as the Advocate General of the state, I have to exercise it for public purpose… and I will do so.

Q: Restarting mining operations has been a major challenge for the government. Do you believe that a solution to the mining tangle could emerge in the near future? How the mining deadlock can be resolved to give relief to mining dependants?

Mining is very serious and important matter. I cannot discuss in public how the mining issue will be resolved. Restarting mining has been a top priority of Chief Minister Pramod Sawant. We want mining to restart as early as possible… we will certainly go for legal course of action. We want to take legal course without wasting more time. And I believe that a solution to the mining issue would emerge.

Q: Another important issue for the state government has been the Mhadei water dispute. How do you look at this protracted dispute?

The Mhadei water dispute is another serious and important subject for the state. After taking over as the Advocate General the first thing I did was that I went through the Mhadei matter… I am in touch with lawyers in Delhi who are looking after the Mhadei matter on day-to-day basis.

Q: There has been a persistent demand from some sections of the Goan society that casino vessels should be removed from the Mandovi. What are your views on it?

As far as the casino industry is concerned, I must say that it is a policy decision of the state government. And it is also a prerogative of the government to decide on it.

Q: In Goa, some people oppose every project in the name of environment. What is your take on this aspect?

I always believe that there has to be balance between development and environment. While taking up developmental works, the interests of the people, the state and environment should be kept in mind; all sides, including legal aspect, should also be factored in.

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