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Acing that recruitment opportunity

Cruise ship jobs are some of the most sought after jobs in Goa with several Goan youth trying their best for a career on ship. The foreign exchange rate makes salaries in cruise jobs  very attractive and offers youngsters the chance to save a lot of money quite quickly. Here  Parixit Pai Fondekar, talks of the skill development  tips and tricks to ace the recruitment process.

Most cruise ship companies use recruitment agencies to help with the hiring process. It saves them time as the agency sifts through the hundreds of applications they receive and only send them the best candidates.

  To ensure you have a better chance at getting hired for cruise ship jobs, look for reputed recruitment agencies who collaborate with high-end cruise ship companies and offer you a better chance of getting placed in companies which offer better benefits and work conditions.  Fly-by-night cruise recruitment agencies increase the risk of being placed in companies that do not respect their employees, or worse, take a recruiting fee and disappear overnight.

  Good cruise recruitment agencies retain their reputation in the industry by selecting candidates with excellent potential. The first thing they screen is your resumé. And hence it is always good to have a well-drawn up resumé that highlights your strengths and showcases your eagerness to work in the industry.

  To find good potential employees, recruitment agencies visit hospitality institutes and make use of referrals, database mining and advertising. Many also attend education and job fairs, so it’s a great idea to attend these when on the lookout for cruise ship jobs.  Carrying copies of resumé and dressing up smartly at job fairs is always a good idea as first appearances matter.

  Once recruitment agencies they the resumé they conduct background checks to filter out candidates that are better suited to the job. These checks also verify the education and work experience mentioned in the resumé. The worst thing a candidate could do is fudge records as these are easily cross-checked via a simple call to the institution. 

  After this, all screened candidates will have to visit the recruitment agency for a meeting or interview to assess their personality, attitude, temperament and fitness levels. This will further shortlist them for available cruise ship jobs. To get past this round, candidates must ensure that they maintain a healthy diet and exercise schedule, be polite and honestly answer questions. The recruitment agency always tries to help and give candidates tips to work on areas they may be lacking in.

  All cruise ship companies require employees to have a standard level of ability with speaking, reading, writing and understanding English. Candidates are also screened based on their abilities pertaining to the job. If required, human resource personnel from the cruise ship company might conduct an online interview with you.

  For cruise ship chef jobs, for example, one might be asked recipes of certain dishes or specific details concerned with safe cooking procedures for various types of produce. It’s best to brush up on at least basic knowledge ahead of your interview.

  Following these assessments and interviews, good recruitment agencies typically let candidates know of any points to work on if you have not made the cut. This gives them areas to improve so as to try again later.

  Selected candidates then go through a series of procedures including orientation about the job and life at sea, follow-ups for confirmation, documentation and letters of appointment, and assistance for visas and flight tickets before they finally get on board.

The writer Parixit Pai Fondekar is director of ACCLA, a cruise culinary training academy.  He is involved in the recruitment and skill development sector for over a decade.

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