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Generations, over the years, have been defined by technology such as the telephone, cable and the internet. NT KURIOCITY asked youngsters what they think defines their generation

Millennials are often considered to be glued to technology that makes them lazy. On the flip side, this generation makes good use of technological innovations by putting forth its creativity through YouTube channels, blogs and articles, music renditions and other such forms, fetching the individuals experience and many-a-times monetary gains at an early age. This thus makes us better prepared in comparison to the previous generations, to take on real life situations in the future.

Anushka Sharma, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

Every generation provides a doorway to more views over the time. We all are aware about millennials and their never-ending demands for high speed internet. My generation is all about obsessing over 4G technology and 5G technology. As of now, 5G technology is not popular and is a little underwhelming, but soon will be in the picture on a large scale and this is going to change the consumer’s life.

Vaishnavi Naik, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

During this pandemic social distancing is the remedy. We see a well-connected world, thanks to social media. This generation has experienced a sudden switch from ‘learning to think out of the box’. Today not only the younger generation but even the elderly crowd are forced to be internet dependent for example, studying online, paying bills, online conferences, trainings, etc. In these hard times we are forced to remain indoors yet face the challenges to remain updated, progress in our goals to achieve our milestones. Earlier it was said, survival of the fittest. Now as per our needs it may be modified as ‘survival of the quickest’.

Jolyan Dias Sapeco, Dhempe College of Arts and Science Miramar

This generation is called Generation Z. People usually describe this generation as the computer generation. But I would like to be very precise. It’s not that computer was developed in my generation but certainly computers have become faster. I would recommend this generation be called the transition generation that will see the old and new and bridging gap between old ways and modern world. With notable development in technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing, humanoids and stuff like data mining we are anticipating a complete overhaul in the way of living. And these developments in technologies can bring humanity two new heights or ruins. So yes, Gen Z is the generation of transition.

Abhijit Bhat, Goa Engineering College, Ponda

Being born in the 90s, my generation has totally evolved from using telephone services to mobile phones. The internet technology is revolutionary. The internet is a boon to many. From learning to pay bills, socialising, buying groceries, everything is possible on the internet. Millions of people connect globally and showcase their talents across social platforms. During these times of pandemic, people can still work from home and contribute to the economy. Distance isn’t a barrier through video conferencing and audio calls. But there are ill-effects, people have become lethargic, harmful radiations are penetrating around and social pressure on teens is rising. Internet is a boon or a curse?

Vrunda Ramesh Asolkar, Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fatorda

Mental health of the youth is deteriorating. Our generation is gifted with so many opportunities, allowing us to enter various avenues. However, with opportunities knocking at our doors, the emotional baggage that opportunity brings along with is known to a minuscule amount. We are told how perfect a certain career is. However, the hardships that one has to deal with, is unknown. Ironically, though mental health defines our generation, it doesn’t define who we really are.

Krysla Menezes, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

Our generation is known for the age of advancement in technology, it is marked by much bigger spheres such as the bold decisions made by the youngsters nowadays like be it in matters of fashion, education, career and most importantly love as many are open to homosexual relationships and support the LGBT community. Also, we can see youngsters breaking cultural barriers and assimilating into foreign cultures to get better gist of life and reality.

Lindsy Amberly Antao, Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Margao)

We grew up with technologies such as telephones, computers, and mobile phones with slower internet speed compared to now. But now we have smartphones so life is about streaming online music and video content, playing games, shopping from various sites, reading novels and newsletters online. Nowadays you don’t even have to get out of your house as all the goods are supplied at your doorstep. People of the same generation can have different experiences with the technology they use.

Shruti Govenkar, Agnel Institute of Technology and Design, Assagao

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