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AAP promises ward clinics, satellite markets for Panaji



The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Monday promised ward clinics, ward sabhas, facilitation centres for government services, multi-level car parks and satellite markets for Panaji.

The manifesto was released in the city by AAP convenor Elvis Gomes and AAP’s candidate for Panaji by-election Valmiki Naik.

Stating that Panaji will be rebranded as “India’s most beautiful capital city,” AAP said that the party will facilitate a casino-free ‘clean tourism’ based economy, with focus on the existing natural, built and cultural heritage of Panaji.

“A unique Panaji tourism calendar will be created to include music, food, film festivals, annual cultural events, sailing and water sports events. Entrepreneurship especially among the youth and women will be given major impetus. We will also focus on tourism initiatives that promote uniquely Goan offerings such as heritage walks and homestays, backwater kayaking, salt pan tours, fishing tours etc,” the manifesto states.

It further states that a survey of Panaji youth will be carried out to understand their requirements. “We will aim to create jobs in knowledge-based industries such as IT and banking, as well as retail and hospitality. Real estate value will be created for Panaji’s residents by ensuring housing societies and buildings are maintained. Rental market will be rejuvenated and streamlined with due protection for landlords as well as tenants, and heritage structures will be preserved through TDR benefits or other measures. Ad-hoc changes to Panaji ODP will be banned and an Architecture Review Board will be instituted to ensure that any development is based on zoning logic and without affecting the

city’s character,” it states. “A ward sabha every six months to listen to you and solve your problems,” the manifesto promises.

The Aam Aadmi Party has also assured to give immediate priority to water supply and electricity. The manifesto claims that the party will investigate water tanker mafia. It also assures to undertake water audit and states that serious water issues in Panaji will be resolved on urgent basis. “Uninterrupted and good quality electricity supply will be ensured.

Traffic management and parking plan with emphasis on reliable and affordable intra-city public transport will be implemented. E-governance and free wifi zones will be implemented to make public interaction with government more virtual and efficient,” the manifesto states.

For central Panaji, the manifesto promises a vaddo clinic with free treatment, testing and medicines, resolving monsoon issues such as flooding and septic tank overflow, two multi-level car parks within the city core and a traffic management plan. It also assures to resolve municipal market issues and initiate Phase 3.

For Ribandar, the manifesto assures a football ground with walking track, community complex with vegetable and fish market, satellite facilitation centre for most government services, with library, bank and ATM, one vaddo clinic with free treatment, testing and medicines, stabilisation of river banks and hill slopes and a crematorium

In Campal and Miramar, the party manifesto promises a vaddo clinic, maintenance scheme for heritage homes, football ground and upgradation of indoor stadium and blue flag certification for Miramar beach. The party has also promised to resolve water supply, security and flooding issues on priority basis.

The manifesto has promised two vaddo clinics in Mala, Fontainhas and Patto apart from resolving the flooding issue in Mala. Rehabilitation of the Mala lake, maintenance scheme for heritage homes, retaining walls and slope stabilisation along hillsides, indoor sports complex for Mala youth are the other assurances made for the area.

The party has promised a multipurpose complex with mini market, bank and ATM in Altinho. Besides, two vaddo clinics, slope stabilisation, introduction of social housing projects to upgrade informal settlements above Dada Vaidya Road have also been assured for this area, while in St Inez, the party has assured to resolve traffic congestion and ensure pedestrian safety. The manifesto has also assured a vaddo clinic for St Inez apart from safety and security in residential neighbourhoods, a play area and park.


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