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A wonderful experience at Netravali Savari Falls

By Sascharisa Harmalkar,

On February 12, 76 of us students from classes IX and XI set out for an educational trip to Netravali Savari Falls. Bursting with excitement we gathered at the school entrance much before time and our escorts briefed us about the dos and don’ts for the day, our principal came to see us off and we headed to Netravali.We could hardly wait for the day to begin. With all the fun and frolic in the bus, the 2-hour journey seemed to be very short. With all the music, dance, snacks and drinks our journey was a party on the move.

We reached Netravali in two hours and were all the more excited and thrilled as our guide was making us aware of the snakes and other dangers we might encounter on our trek.  We just knew a big day was waiting for us as we began our march.

Nature started revealing herself in different forms and all the young enthusiastic photographers were busy capturing every moment with their shutterbugs.

Wide through the forests, narrow through the cliffs, we crossed the tricky slippery rocks. Half way to the waterfalls, we halted for refreshments on the banks of a stream and everyone posed for pictures and clicked selfies, to put them online and to share them with their families and friends.

With this short break we were refreshed and we started back with our trek. As we were crossing the streams, jumping over the rocks, some of our friends slipped and fell into the water, due to the slippery rocks. We didn’t miss a chance of laughing at them and then our helping hands pulled them out. We realised the importance of helping each other in the tricky terrain and the trek was impossible without teamwork.

Finally, after the 2.5 km long walk, we reached our destination. The waterfall was so beautiful, we all started shouting in excitement. Then we rolled our pants up and got into the water. Splashing water on each other was great fun, as we do not get this kind of opportunity often. Our escorts had made us aware of the safe and unsafe zones in the water. We had a very good time in the water and nobody was willing to come out. We also met lots of nature loving tourists who had come to the same spot and had a gala time playing handball together.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave and with a heavy heart we bid farewell to our new friends and started on our way back. Again we halted for lunch at the same place as earlier. We cut the cakes which we had brought, shared our tiffins and rested for some time.

Keeping in mind the ‘Swacch Bharat Mission’ we had carried an empty carton throughout our trek to dump our wastes in it, so that we didn’t litter. On our way back, we came across some puppies and fed them our leftovers.

Finally, we got into the buses and left for Ponda and reached at 5 in the evening.

We were sad that the day was over but we were left with lingering memories. It was one of the happiest days of our lives.

(Student of Std IX,  Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ponda)

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