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A tribute to the beetle

Janice Savina Rodrigues | NT BUZZ

Porvorim is soon getting the tag of a satellite city, with its ever growing urban landscape. With its close proximity to the two commercial centres in North Goa, Panaji and Mapusa, the erstwhile village has gained ground for the rapidly expanding economy of the state. Porvorim sports a myriad commercial establishments and this is reason enough to have a space for those working class professionals to unwind. And giving them just that is a rather charming little pub and bistro called the ‘Beetle Pub’.

Taking inspiration from its automobile namesake, the pub has the distinct silhouette of the Volkswagen Beetle in its logo that greets every visitor to its plush interiors. The owners, Jaydeep and Sheetal Rajebhosale, pay tribute to their favourite vintage car through this venture. The pub launched late in August, has been steadily garnering favouritism from the growing sub urban crowds, with offerings of a great ambience, up-and-coming live performances, match screenings and of course a great variety of cocktails, and delicious and innovative food. Situated in the Casabela Boutique Hotel in a leafy lane between the NH17 highway and Chogm Road, its ideal location is just an added bonus.

When my colleague and I entered the pub the first thing that caught my eye was the bar, not because of the array of alcohol, but the cute Beetle that was carved into the counter. The place instantly puts you at ease, the dim lighting, the cosily designed seating arrangements and the friendly staff all seemed to strike the right kind of balance – neither imposing, nor distant.

When we were made comfortable by the owner Sheetal, we were informed of the pub’s extensive menu and were floored by the selection that was in store for us. With a choice of four food menus – ‘breakfast’, ‘pizza’, ‘sandwich and burger’ and a ‘food menu’ – there is a lot for a foodie looking to satiate the after work-hours hunger pangs. And since it is situated at a safe distance from the national highway, they have some amazing cocktails to go with the food.

The dishes laid out in front of us were very pleasing to the eye, and got us anticipating the bite-sized morsels of goodness that were about to be devoured. My eyes and hands first went to the Spinach cheese fingers with chilli mayo, and it was just the right thing to start my meal with. The balance of the main ingredients was just right, and adding the chilli mayo gave these fingers zing, that kept me wanting more. But there were the potato croquettes with aioli and the broccoli cakes with beetroot mayo to go through.

An advantage of having a colleague who doesn’t indulge in ‘healthy food’ is that you get extra servings of the dish! The broccoli cakes are a great way to keep to your self-imposed diet plans while chilling out with your friends. There are many such dishes on the menu to choose from!

If you’re a pizza fan you can indulge in some great tasting, wholesome wood fired pizzas. And you have a choice of 13! Among this the breakfast pizza is what stole my heart and made my tummy entirely full, somewhat! Chicken sausages, pepperoni, grilled ham, bacon on a pizza may sound mundane but here we have an addition of roast potato and a half-fried egg! I was a little wary of the egg part, but the chef here knows what he is doing. And this pizza would certainly be something I wouldn’t mind crossing the Mandovi Bridge for, just to grab a bite, even on a weekday!

The same goes with the other menus which are equally tantalising. The food, ambience and the music playing all put a tired mind to ease. A visit here could be a great way to unwind after you’ve had a ferocious week of work!

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