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A tiatrist who cares for the younger generation

Menino Mario who caters to younger audiences has released his tiatr ‘Mogacho Ghontter. He reveals its story to NT BUZZ – a story that encourages youngsters to obey their parents.


Menino Mario is a tiatrist who caters to the younger generation. His tiatrs attempt to encourage youth to walk on the right path. They advise parents about the ‘do’s and don’ts’ with regards to their behaviour with their children. His tiatrs also advise youngsters not to go against their parents.

His April release, ‘Mogacho Ghontter’ is another tiatr that caters to youngsters of this generation. This tiatr highlights state of young children committing suicides for silly reasons. Suicide is not a solution to any problem, yet they do it without thinking about their parents.

It is a fact that parents take a lot of effort to raise their children. Menino says these days young parents pay complete attention to their children for their well being. However, when these youngsters grow up they often make mistakes and there are chances that they may choose the wrong and easy path that lasts for a short term.

Citing an example, Menino explains that when youngsters fall in love, they decide too early that they like the person. It may be a wrong decision. Their parents alert or warn them. Many-a-times parents even fight with their children for their better future. Some children are matured and they understand, while others tend to threaten their parents of committing suicide, in fact some even commit suicide.

In such cases, the parents who raise the children suffer the most. “When such thoughts come to the children’s mind, they should think of their life with their parents. The effort their parents took for them will surely make them realise that suicide is not a solution for silly matters,” explains Menino. He firmly believes that no child should waste his life for someone he hardly knows.

‘Mogacho Ghontter’ highlights this issue, with a twist in the story. This tiatr is a story of a young couple. They love each other deeply. The boy proposes to the girl, and she accepts it. She decides to tell her father about her lover and calls him home and introduces him to her father. Her father on the other hand, fixes his daughter’s marriage to another wealthy boy.  When she tells him about her love, her father assures her a comfortable life. The daughter trusts her father but she decides not to leave her boyfriend. The father is stubborn and threatens her that he will consume poison if she marries her boyfriend. The daughter then decides to sacrifice the love of her life for her father’s wellbeing.

She marries the person her father has chosen. On the wedding night, she tell her husband about her ex-boyfriend and that she married him only to give in to her father’s stubbornness. Upon realising the truth, her husband asks her to leave the house she returns to her father’s house. She is questioned about why she had to reveal everything to her husband about her past. The daughter says she believed that her husband had a right to know everything about her. Soon, her in-laws come to her house and she expects them to take her back, but they refuse to take her back. When the family reveals the reason behind not taking her back, the daughter and father are surprised because it is something very unexpected.

“I have shown in my tiatr how a daughter cares for her father and trusts in him,” mentions Menino. He believes that every person should have faith in God, that he has decided the right person for you rather than taking hasty decisions.

‘Mogacho Ghontter’ also highlights that couples should be loyal to each another. They should share about their past to strengthen their bond for the future. Lies can never be hidden and when the truth is revealed in the later stages of the marriage, it can break the relation and further create tensions at home.

There are six caants and 12 kaantaras in this tiatr. Menino is playing the father’s role. Most of his tiatrs include new actors and singers as he loves giving youngsters opportunities to showcase their talent.

He adds: “In tiatr, there are people who say they have trained the artists. However the actors and singers are already talented. How can they take credit for something that they haven’t done?” Menino mentions that an actor while performing on stage feels that he is good at it, but it is the audience who can note it in totality.

As a director, Menino feels that not all tiatrists are great actors and they do not accept it. “I admit that I am not a great actor, but not all do that. I think we need to attend more and more acting workshops to raise the standards of acting in this field,” concludes Menino.


(Tiatr, ‘Mogacho Ghontter’ by Menino Mario will have a show on May 30 at Nuvem at 7.30 p.m.; June 3 at Ravindra Bhavan, Sanvordem at 3.30 p.m.; and June 17 at Gomant Vidya Niketan, Margao at 3.30 p.m.)


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