Thursday , 27 February 2020
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This is the irony of a ‘smart city’ of a state that has seen excess rainfall this monsoon. The state capital has been left high and dry and a spring has proved to be the only ‘oasis’ for the residents.

The residents have been at the end of their tether for the last two days, as the PWD’s water supply has stopped due to a major breakdown at the Opa water treatment plant in Ponda taluka.

Authorities said that water supply is likely to resume only on Monday morning, that too depending upon the rain situation.

In the absence of water supply from the PWD, a fountain at Boca de Vaca near Sai Baba Mandir in the city has become the only source of water for several residents for the past two-three days.

The city-dwellers may have to continue falling back upon this ‘oasis’ till the water crisis is resolved.

Many residents, especially housewives, living around Sai Baba Mandir, Mahalaxmi temple and other areas of the city were seen till late Friday evening thronging to the fountain with pitchers and buckets to fetch freshwater.

Many city residents carrying buckets and other containers in their vehicles travelled to the spring and fetched its water. Labourers filled their buckets and five-litre canisters with water, carrying them on their shoulders.

People living in apartments and bungalows said that they have made arrangements with tanker water suppliers for water till the supply of tap water is restored.

It is pertinent to note here that the operators of private tankers have hiked the rates for water. Usually during monsoon the demand for tanker water is very slack.

But some hotels go for water supplied by the tankers.

The water crisis in the city has brought construction activities to a grinding halt. The establishments that sell distilled water in pet bottles and canisters have said that they have sold out of the distilled water.

The people living in bungalows in the city have hired labourers to fetch water from the spring; some other rich residents are relying on tanker water.

Some Muslim families were seen fetching water from the well of the Jama Masjid since Thursday night after their overhead tanks ran dry.

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