Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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A ‘SEA’ full of flavours


SEA, Saurabh Anand’s latest venture into the culinary world is a translation of flavours, textures and unadulterated experiences. Located in an old Portuguese villa with contemporary food and drinks, the restaurant is inspired by the travels of its curator and his culinary journey over the years in south east Asia, specially the spice trade route regions. Taking from experiences of his famed restaurants in NYC – Moti Mahal, Awadh, Bhatti Indian Grill and also Masala House in New Delhi, this is Anand’s personal ode to the coast – and its beauty. The restaurant was launched on September 5.

An expression of understated marvel, Anand brings forth his lens and urges you to take a peek into his fascination for vibrant flavours. High ceilings lit by chandeliers, delicate arches and positive vibrations resonate with the vision that Anand had when he first thought of this place. Pale yellow floors, tiles in soft shades of green and the use of natural wood and cane perfectly complements the cuisine and contributes to  a well-lit and happy environment. Wooden tables and benches complete the design with an outdoor seating so that the midnight sky and stars can be the perfect companions to the patrons.

Attempting at bringing his perception of coastal food to the patrons, SEA stands out in its humble effort at perfection – of simplicity. “Characterising the heart of Assagao, SEA aims at creating an honest and welcoming experience that lures locals and visitors alike with its seafood and Southeast Asian cuisine with a young and airy vibe. Aiming to curate costal food with a menu crafted to offer a multi-course experience of unadulterated and simple flavours, I am excited to open up a delicious world that exemplifies my love for great food,” says Anand.

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