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A pasoi in Divar

The Heritage Club of Don Bosco College, Panaji along with festekar of Goa, Marius Fernandes organised ‘pasoi’, a traditional walk that moves through the main streets of the village with song and dance, showcasing the historic landmarks, heritage homes, chapels and temples. The main objective of this was to display the culture and the homely feeling of the island along with the heritage left behind by the Portuguese.
The members of the club included BBA Travel and Tourism students as well as BA Mass Communication students of Don Bosco College.
During the traditional celebration students performed ‘mandos’ and played the ‘gumot’ as they led the floats through the streets of the village.
Although non-natives of the island are not usually invited to join in the floats, this was the first time the students were allowed to participate.
The procession began at Sao Mathias Church with the flag bearers and brass band. Participants were taken across the village to eight heritage homes decorated with eco-friendly decorations. These homes belonged to people who used to be the main pillars of ‘Bonderam’.
Participants were also taken to landmarks of the village followed by the ‘Bonderam’ parade at St Mathias Sports Club. Goan delicacies served were patoleos, pudde, chonne, alle belle, doce, chai, etc. 

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