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A master in creative art

Francisco Martins, who is popularly known for creating life-sized and awe-inspiring decorative models, has come a long way since he first started Martins Deco Event Company in the 70s

By Michael Fisher | B&C

It has taken very little time and energy for brothers Ernleigh and Jurgen Martins, to run the family business successfully. Their awe-inspiring decorative façade for various events is bringing them business through word of mouth.

The backyard of their Sao Pedro house is a 24×7 busy workshop with finished and unfinished artistic entrance, mannequins and an array of eye-catching façade. Today, the Martins Deco Event Company’s book order is full by hotels, weddings and festival organisers.

Creating decorative art works was the brainchild of their father Francisco Martins, popularly known as ‘Fanquito’. Francisco, who has an eye for details, is a party animal who makes it a point to attend every festival or happening event. He says it is by such social networking events that ideas come alive in his visions when he then turns into reality.

“I’m a firm believer in the ‘do what you love best and the money will follow’ philosophy. So I always tell my children to go for it regardless of the economy or the market conditions. No matter how oversaturated the market may be, there is always a place for quality and innovation. That’s the key,” he advices them.

Today his company, which was started in the 70s, focuses on creating grand entrances and three-dimensional models that have won him the first prize in carnival floats for seven consecutive years and Goan themed pavilion at tourism marts in UK, Germany, Portugal, Dubai, Moscow, Macau and Spain. He has also taken Goan folk dance groups decked up in fineries to South America Guyana, Harrods UK, Jakarta, Thailand, Mauritius, Muscat and Macau.

“Aside from the obvious attention to details, we need to have an extreme amount of passion and drive to survive in this industry,” says Ernleigh, adding, it is also important to have an appreciation for culture, religions and traditions.

“This has led us to discover new trading skills into other spheres as well, in order to be able to suffice clientele needs more efficiently. The demands were rigorous in terms of professionalism and delivery, which has given Francisco a great deal of success,” avers Servillo Fernandes, a close friend.

He recalls Francisco as the pioneer of the Food Festival, Wine Escapade,  International Film Festival and Fruit Fest, which later the government continued in its present format. Dynamic and enterprising, Francisco was responsible for setting up Goan-themed floats, creating a Goan village on wheels at Republic Day, Delhi, that won him the first prize for five times and the second prize winner for four times.

In his credit list of many national first prizes also includes ‘Parade of the Nations’ competing with many countries in Mumbai. Such was his innovative concepts that Francisco was dubbed the `Father of Goan Festivals’.

“As a professional service giver, I thought it was necessary to stay at the forefront of the latest trends and technological advancements in the industry. For success I had to provide skilled and semi-skilled support labour in exhibition to technicians in both, live entertainment sector and the corporate events sector. Our ideas grew and the company expanded and diversified into multiple services such as events, festivals and large outdoor concerts, creating mammoth sets for outdoor spectaculars for large crowds like the Lusofonia Games closing ceremony at Fatorda, with a carnival themed floats and dancers for Percept Event Company. I remember the longest Chinese dragon he made that wound its way all around Clube Vasco Da Gama. Even after the show it was displayed for a month for visitors to see,” remembers Servillo.

Today the Martins event company has grown as a venue decorator and now includes interiors sets, as a result, in the course of the last 40 years, Francisco’s involvement with the events industry has come to include an integrated range of services including venue decoration and staging.

“It is our pleasure to create an environment of celebration, a moment of awe and a feeling of warmth and welcome throughout the seasons. First impressions are so important. It’s the feeling of welcome to the entrance of a home or enterprise, the wow when banquet doors open, the surge of anticipation at a special occasion. We know how important it is to make that welcoming statement, so welcome with grandeur,” says Francisco on a concluding note.


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