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A handmade tale

‘Craftworks – The Accessories Fair’, which begins on August 23, will feature a range of handmade jewellery created by a group of women using environmentally friendly materials. NT BUZZ finds out more

‘Craftworks – The Accessories Fair’ curated by Aira Mirchandani and Monica Dalvi is all set to showcase the talent of 14 women from different walks of life coming together to display their creativity and passion for handmade jewellery. This platform allows these women to sell their products and enjoy the fruits of their own hardwork.

A lot of these women were discovered by Mirchandani and Dalvi at various other exhibitions and through social media. The fair will feature various types of handmade jewellery made from environment friendly materials, such as old jeans, tailor waste, fish scales, fresh fabric jewellery, satin ribbons, hand embroidered jewellery on tape, ceramic jewellery, plastic bottles, polymer clay, etc, which have all been upcycled.

The partnership between Mirchandani and Dalvi began years ago when they met each other as participants at an exhibition where they both were exhibiting handmade art. They soon realised that the value of handmade art was not appreciated at general exhibitions and hence decided to curate exhibitions exclusively for handmade art. Over the last few years they have done quite a few such fairs.

“The handmade art form is not really dying but it requires time, which most people don’t have. If one takes a liking towards it then they will enjoy working and creating it,” says Mirchandani, who will be presenting macramé jewellery made out of t-shirt yarn at the upcoming fair. Dalvi meanwhile will be showcasing work made of crochet and cross stitch necklaces and pendants done with a modern spin.

Among the other participants who will be exhibiting is Kamakshi Shenoy, who will present jewellery made out of waste, mainly plastic, paper, and fabric. Having started with quilling, she evolved by trying new designs by herself and by creating different designs. “Each piece is handcrafted with a lot of love and it is exciting to see people reacting to it in a good way,” she says.

Also participating in the fair is visually impaired teacher, Josephine D’Souza, from National Association for The Blind (NAB). Having learnt crochet during her childhood, she quit after losing her sight due to retinal detachment. “At the National Association for The Blind (NAB), we have a teacher who teaches the visually impaired students to knit. One day I asked her if I could give it a try. It was she who encouraged me to try four different patterns and still guides me when it comes to selecting colours. I also practice by listening to videos on YouTube, and try to learn different techniques,” she says.

(‘Craftworks – The Accessories Fair’ will be held from August 23 to 25 at the Art Gallery, Entertainment Society of Goa, Panaji.)

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