Wednesday , 26 February 2020
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A celebration of laughter and literature


The fifth edition of the humour festival ‘Hatsya Bimb’ was held at the Krishnadas Shyama Central Library.

Chief guests for the day-long festival were social activist, Pramod Salgaonkar and senior journalist, Prakash Kamat. During the festival, a discussion on the topic ‘My favourites in Konkani humorous literature’ by various writers was held and a poetry recital with ‘humour’ as the primary theme wherein poets recited their poetry and dramatised versions of humorous literature was also presented to the audience.

The festival also saw the release of two Konkani books, namely, ‘Naranga and Sursuri’ by writer KM Sukhthankar and ‘Borkari Khand – 3’ by Dilip Borkar at the hands of social activist Nirmala Sawant and editor of a Marathi daily, Raju Nayak. The annual Diwali magazine by Bimb Prakashan, ‘Bimb Diwali Ank’ was also released on the occasion. An exhibition of books on humour was also held.

Addressing the gathering, Sukhthankar spoke about his book ‘Naranga and Sursuri’, a compilation of satirical articles that address the issues that exist within the education system and society.

He further added that nowadays it is a trend for readers and writers to say that they do not have enough time to read or write but that should not be an excuse. To prove this, Sukhthankar displayed two photographs of editor of Loksatta and Maharashtra Times, late Govindrao Talwalkar seen in the first photograph reading with a magnifying glass at the age of 90, and in the other, taken just four days before his death, writing in the ICU with an oxygen mask. “By looking at these photos we can conclude that your mental status or time or situation does not matter. If you have the will to read and write you can do it in any condition,” he said.

Speaking about Sukhthankar, Sawant shared that the author is quite knowledgeable in Marathi literature and is passionate about Hindi cinema. At the same time he is also well-informed about contemporary Konkani language of the pre-liberation period and the Konkani-Portuguese expressions that were used then which have today gone extinct. She added that ‘Naranga and Sursuri’ is not just about light humour – it is informative and will appeal to all readers. Sawant further stressed on the importance of inculcating a reading habit.

The festival was organised by Bimb Parivar in association with Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa and the Goa State Central Library.

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