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46 congregation attendees are living in Goa: Sawant

Panaji: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Thursday said the state  has identified 46 people who had attended a congregation of Tablighi-e-Jamaat

at Nizamuddin Markaz in  Delhi.Addressing media persons on Thursday at his official residence, Sawant said the state had been in safe zone for COVID infection until it was revealed that 46 members of Tablighi-e-Jamaat, who had travelled to Delhi, are living in Goa.

All the 46 people have been quarantined.

“I had said that Goa was  in safe zone for coronavirus infection. But now the ‘status’ depends on the outcome of  samples to be drawn from  the 46 people,” he maintained.

The Chief Minister clarified that all the 46 people are not Goans but hail from different states, adding that  an enquiry will be conducted as to why they have come to Goa.

“I appeal to my Muslim brothers in Goa to come forward and reveal if they had attended the congregation,” he said.

Positive side is that the congregation attendees  came down to Goa before March 15, Sawant observed.

Police zero in on attendees who are not coming clean

Panaji: Goa police are examining train and  flight records to ascertain if there are more people from Goa who might have attended the  congregation of Tablighi-e-Jamaat at  Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi, which  has been in the eye of storm over positive COVID-19 cases.

So far the government has identified 46 people,  who had attended the congregation.

Goa police have appealed to the congregation attendees  to come clean and not to risk spread of deadly coronavirus.

Police have also asked  to call on helplines  112, 100 or 104 if anyone knows about such persons who had attended the congregation.

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