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450-year-old Margao Church motif goes global 

After the High Mass on Sunday the parishioners and council members of Holy Spirit Church Margao were given a rare moment of glee that usually comes once in a lifetime. It was like icing on their Holy Spirit feast cake when Postmaster General (Goa Region) Mr Charles Lobo released a special commemorative Cover on the occasion of the Church’s 450 years celebration coinciding with its feast day.While releasing the cover Mr Lobo said from today Margao Church is on the philately map of the world. This means the cover will be exhibited at the philatelic exhibitions all over the world including in Rome.  Your eminent journalist and parishioner Mr Valmiki Faleiro who’s many years of research has produced an informative paperback: `Soaring-spirit’ has helped the Post to understand the magnitude of Holy Spirit Church in its entirety.

Calling it a Special Cover he explains that it is not a first day cover.,which is released when a postage stamp is issued. The cover released today is special because of the cancellation used on the cover. A cancellation is used by the post office to ensure that the stamp is not reused and also to show the date of posting.

Mr Lobo further explains that the cancellation used on this cover shows the picture of a dove which is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. The design is taken from the Holy Spirit motif on the central body and gable of the Church that is the front top where it is shown the Holy Spirit wings spreads over Mother Mary and the Apostles.

The Margao Church is also closely connected to the Rachol Seminary. By using the stamp of the seminary we have tried to make the theme complete. The cover released today will be on sale at Margao head office after three to four days, the price will be known then.

He said the Archdiocese of Goa must play an active role like the Catholic community of Kerala which is very active. The Goa Archdiocese has not taken up even one proposal on any Christian heritage monument so far in the last four years, whereas the Kerala Catholic Community is in a position to take up proposal on time for issues of postage stamp. The 200 years old Kottayam seminary gets a stamp. But the 400 years old Rachol seminary is not in the list, he wonders why.

He informs that Rachol seminary deserves much more as it was the first printing press of India located there. The Archdiocese has even failed to get a stamp on St Joseph Vaz.  There is no initiative also to honour the 450 years Holy Spirit Church structure with a commemorative stamp. He urged the parish priest Fr Avinash to exhibit picture postcards of the paintings found inside the Margao Chruch which will give it more publicity.

He concluded with a pray to the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost in the words of Mahatma Ghandi: Rahupati Raghava Rajaram, Sabko sanmati de bhagavan is the need of the hour.  At the commemoration event Justice Eurico Santana da Silva, former judge of High Court of Bombay was the chief guest.

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