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The patients keeping social distancing waiting outside the government hospital at Curchorem.

45 people home quarantined in Curchorem



CURCHOREM: Forty five persons from Kakoda, Sanvordem, Dabal, Karmane, Curchorem and Xelvona coming under Curchorem police station have been home quarantined by the community health centre Curchorem as precautionary measure.  Their travel history of the people is being studied and there is possibility home quarantining of more persons.

As per the list issued to beat head constables and police constables there are 28 males and 17 females ranging from age group 17 to 57 years and including four senior citizens who are foreign visitors / travelers and local State travelers as per the information received by PI from health officer of CHC, Curchorem.

Out of the 45 home quarantined sixteen belong to Sanvordem, 14 to Kakoda, Nine to Dabal, One to Karmane, Three to Curchorem and two to Xelvona. These have travelled the areas of Gujrat, Pune, Karnataka, Bengaluru, Belgaum, Orissa, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Chennai.

Today, discipline was seen in the Curchorem market where people had gone to purchase essential commodities. People had expected that some grocery shops would remain open.  But, except Goa Bagayatdar no grocery shops were opened today morning.  People were seen maintaining social distancing while purchasing medicines, essential items, milk etc. though the vegetable market remained closed some persons were seen selling local vegetable at higher rate.

Police have stopped the entry of vehicles in main market by erecting barricades at some points. Riders are being asked to park their vehicles near the barricades and they had to walk to the shop where they wanted to purchase things.

Majority of the doctors have closed down their clinics and the regular patients are being advised telephonically by their respective doctors. Only CHC, Curchorem remains open and a long que of the patients was keen attend the OPD by observing social distancing.Restrictions are also imposed on petrol pumps. Petrol is being given in genuine cases and Government vehicles.

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