Thursday , 27 February 2020
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348 cases of drunk driving in first six months in S Goa



South Goa Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas on Friday claimed that the number of road accidents in South Goa has reduced in last six months and that laxity on the part of drivers was resulting in accidents, besides driving under the influence of alcohol.

Another reason for accidents, he said, was overspeeding.

In South Goa, the police have booked 348 cases of driving under the influence of alcohol in the first six months. South Goa police have also booked 82,368 cases of violation of Motor Vehicle Act for the first six months of the year which has helped in curbing accidents.

Overspeeding, driving without licence or permit, drunk driving, avoiding safety gears like seat belts and helmets and non-adherence to lane driving, and overtaking in a wrong way etc are the offences for which the motorists have been booked.

The highest number of 10,627 cases was booked by Ponda police, followed by 8726 cases by Verna police, 8452 -Vasco police, while Canacona police booked 6750 cases, Collem police -6779 cases, Margao police booked 5627 cases, Maina-Curtorim -3264, Colva -2887, Cuncolim -5805, then 5616 cases were booked by Curchorem police, 3388- Sanguem, 1585 -Mormugao, 2370 -airport police, Fatorda police booked 5489 cases and Quepem police -5002 cases.

He said that vehicles colliding with other vehicles or objects prove to be fatal for the driver as well as passengers and to reduce this possibility, police officers are using speed detection devices.

“It accurately measures the speed at which a vehicle is travelling. If the speed is over and above the prescribed limit, the driver is booked for over speeding,” he

Gawas said that for the first six months of the year in jurisdiction of South Goa, in all, 55 persons died in road accidents while105 minor accidents were reported.

He said that out of 55 fatal accidents reported in the first six months, 51 were detected. He said that rate of accidents involving riders has decreased due to use of helmet.

“Efforts are being made to reduce rate of fatal and minor accidents. We are strictly implementing rules of Motor Vehicle Act and, accordingly, maximum cases have been booked. Motorists are also being educated on rules of MV Act,” stated SP Gawas.

It is pertinent to note of the 55 persons who died in road accidents, maximum number of 9 fatal accidents was reported in Maina Curtorim area followed by 8 in Vasco and six each in Fatorda, Canacona and Ponda, 5 were reported in Cuncolim, 4 in Quepem, 3 each in Margao and Verna, 2 each in Colva and Curchorem, while 1 fatal accident was reported in Collem.

As regards drunk driving, SP Gawas said that measures are being taken to keep a check on drunken driving and that counselling sessions are conducted regularly by the police and NGOs.

As per information, South Goa police stations in the first six months of the year booked 348 cases of drunk driving. As part of punishment, the police cancelled driving licence of several motorists found driving under the influence of alcohol, besides imposing hefty fines.

Out of 348 cases of drunk driving, 60 were booked by Margao police, 49 by Vasco police, 43 by Sanguem police, 31 by Fatorda police, 25 cases by Cuncolim police, 24 by Mormugao police, 29 by Canacona police, 22 by Quepem police, 12 by Colva police, 10 by Maina Curtorim police, 5 by Curchorem police, 17 by Ponda police, 19 by Verna and 2 by Collem police station.

In 2018, during the same period in South Goa, the police had booked 172 cases.

As per police, almost every day, the police are conducting tests with breath analysers to identify drunk drivers, who are mostly in the age group of 20 to
40 years.

Even educated people with good academic background are also booked in drunk driving cases, the police said.

The South Goa SP informed that the police have cancelled the permits of autorickshaws, bus, truck drivers  for violation of rules. Expressing serious concern over the risk of drunk driving, he said that such drivers tend to become victims of road accidents and create problems to other commuters as well.

He said that traffic police with the help of law and order police will continue conducting breath analyser tests to check the menace of drunk driving in South

He said NGOs, teachers are rendering assistance to the police in creating awareness among the people on the risk of drunk driving.

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