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3 names cleared for grant of Mayem occupancy rights

PANAJI: An Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from the North Goa Collectorate has said that after completing all the formalities and procedures, names of three persons have been cleared by the government for the grant of occupancy rights in Mayem and plots have already been allotted to them.

Speaking to this daily, the officer said that initially four names were cleared but since the Collectorate received objections regarding the fourth name, it has been kept in abeyance.

Stating that the office of the North Goa Collectorate has received 60 applications till July 15, 2016, the officer said that by the next month, more names will appear in the list of proforma for conferment of occupancy rights as occupant Class-II under Sections 4(a) and 8(2) of the Goa (Abolition of Proprietorships, Titles and Grants of Lands) Act, 2014.

The three names that have been cleared for the grant of occupancy rights are of Shanu Popat Shirodkar residing at Chimulwada, Mayem, Vinayak Raghunath Pole residing at Bharatwada, Poira, Mayem and Chandrakant Hari Govekar also residing at Bharatwada, Poira. The names have been published in the official gazette of the Goa government dated July 14, 2016.

It has been mentioned that the applicants have paid the land revenue as assessed in terms of Section 6 of the Goa (Abolition of Proprietorships, Titles and Grants of Lands) Act, 2014 and have duly submitted the payment receipt thereof and have fulfilled the essential conditions/criteria laid down under the Act and that the applicants have been declared as ‘Occupant Class-II’ under the Goa Land Revenue Code, 1968.

The officer said that the request of the applicants was examined as per the documentary evidence adduced by them in accordance with the Goa (Abolition of Proprietorships, Titles and Grants of Lands) Rules, 2015. The request has also been examined independently based on the report received from the concerned mamlatdar and custodian of evacuee property in respect of the lands which were vested in the custodian of evacuee property as ‘Evacuee Property’ under the Goa, Daman and Diu (Administration of Evacuee Property) Act, 1964, the officer said.

The officer said that all the applications for the grant of occupancy rights have been sent to mamlatdar and are being verified and scrutinised and that 12 hearings have taken place and provisional declarations have been done. He said that 60 days were allotted to the public for filing objections.

The grant of land is subject to certain terms and conditions like the land shall be used only for dwelling purpose and the grantee or his/her heirs, assignees and legal representatives shall not mortgage, sell assign or otherwise transfer the land or any portion thereof except with the previous sanction of the government. If grantee violates any of the conditions or any provisions of the Goa (Abolition of Proprietorships, Titles and Grants of Lands) Act, 2014 and rules made thereunder, the Collector may resume and take possession of the land granted to him/her and he/she shall be liable to be evicted from the said land.

The official gazette states that the conferment of occupancy rights shall be subject to the result of writ petition number 479 of 2016 before the High Court of Bombay at Goa.

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