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24-hour pay parking system in city to commence on Feb 15



The 24-hour pay parking system in the city is going to start from February 15 on Atmaram Borkar, 18th June Road, Campal area, including inner road of heritage area, and on all four sides of Garcia de Orta Garden, on all days.

Commuters will have to pay Rs 20 for parking a four-wheeler and Rs 4 for a two-wheeler for the first four hours and Rs 8 between 4 hours and 12 hours.

An additional Rs 15 for two and four-wheelers would be charged for parking beyond 12 hours, but up till 24 hours.  Addressing a press conference, the CCP Mayor Uday Madkaikar, on Saturday, said that the pay parking will start from February 15 and the agreement between CCP and the contractor will be signed by Tuesday.

 “The contractor have almost completed painting pay-parking slots and fixed the required tariff signboards in some of notified stretches and the remaining stretch will be painted after hot-mix carpeting of the roads,” he added, stating that hot-mix carpeting of the dug up roads will be completed on a priority in two weeks’ time.

The corporation has collected over Rs 2 crore from the pay parking contractor Juwarkar Associates towards bank guarantee and security deposit and also received 15 days’ advance payment with 36 signed cheques to avoid any kind of fraud or default in paying the monthly installments.

The contract is for three years and monthly installment is fixed at Rs 4.50 lakh.

The Mayor said that the corporation has in principle agreed to the EDC’s proposal to take over the pay parking system at Patto Plaza along with cleanliness and maintenance of the area but final decision will be taken during the council meeting.

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