Godinho talks tough on taxi digital meters


Staff Reporter


The Goa government has warned the tourist taxi operators of strict action for not using the digital meters, which have been installed in their vehicles.

Stating that his department will launch a drive for the enforcement of digital meters, and keep a check on the taxi operators from the next week onwards, the Transport Minister, Mauvin Godinho on Thursday said the government does not have an option other than taking strict action against the taxi operators, who are not using the digital meters.

The Minister informed that he has received complaints from stakeholders including the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) that the taxi operators are not using the digital meters.

“TTAG has been insisting on the enforcement of digital meters. So the government will now take action against the taxi operators, who don’t use digital meters for rent. We will cancel the permits of taxi operators found to be not using the digital meters,” Godinho said.

“On the direction of the High Court, the state government decided to install the digital meters in taxis. We have provided them with these digital meters free of cost.

After all this, the taxi operators still want to continue with the monopoly of charging people and the tourists visiting the state high rent,” he said.

The Minister warned that merely 10,000 taxi operators cannot take the people and the tourists for a ride by not using the digital meters for charging taxi rent. With such actions, the taxi operators themselves are inviting aggregators like Ola and Uber in Goa, he said.

“There cannot be a monopoly in the taxi services. Today it is a free market and everybody has the right to obtain a cheap mode of transport. The aggregators Ola and Uber are interested in coming to Goa. They are talking to our officials. The taxi operators are inviting these aggregators by their actions,” he said.