HJS demands apology from Vatican for Goa Inquisition


Panaji: The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has demanded that the Vatican should seek forgiveness and public apology from Goans for the “inhuman cruelties” perpetrated by the Christian missionaries on the Goans for over 250 years under the name of Inquisition, during the Portuguese rule in Goa.

Esther Dhanraj, a scholar who works against the religious conversions by missionaries in Telangana, stated that under the guise of religious conversions, efforts are being made to eliminate nationalism today, and therefore, religious conversions should be banned at the national level.   “In the past, the Vatican has apologised to a number of countries for many of its acts, and now should do so as regards the Inquisition period in Goa,” said Esther, who has renounced Christianity and is assistant director of the Bhagwad Gita Foundation for Vedic Studies.

The 10th All India Hindu Nation Convention held at Ramnathi by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti passed a number of resolutions, including the one which supported declaring India as the Hindu nation.

The national guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Dr. Charudatta Pingale, told a press conference  that these resolutions would be forwarded to the central government and people’s representatives.

“On the basis of these resolutions, discussions can take place in the Indian Parliament,” he observed, pointing out, “There needs to be discussion in the Parliament on the need for laws to be presented as per the Indian culture, creation of a Gurukul education council, financial assistance to priests in temples and Veda pathshalas, defining the understanding of minorities as at the global and not national level, and declaring Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta as the national scripture,” he noted.

Ankit Salgaonkar, representing the Goa-based Gomantak Hindu Pratishthan, said that Dominic and Joan Ministry under the Believers Church, as based in Siolim, has converted numerous Hindus for the  past 30 years.

“The innocent Hindus, who have been entrapped by such missionaries must be made to understand this truth,” he added, mentioning that crores of rupees are being collected through religious conversions.   

Informing that a book on Halal economy – ‘Halal Jihad?’ –  was released at the convention, the national spokesperson of the HJS Ramesh Shinde said that there is plan of the HJS to set up an anti-Halal committee and start agitations against the Halal economy.

“Halal is mandatory for the Muslims, not for the people of other religions and sects,” he maintained, pointing out that forcing Halal certified meat and other products on the Hindus, who are in majority, is against the freedom of religion and consumer rights.

The convention saw the participation of devout Hindus from 26 states in India, besides 400 representatives of more than 177 organisations in the U.S., Hong Kong, Nepal Fiji and the U.K.

The HJS also said that it has given a memorandum to the state government as regards lifting the ban imposed on Sri Ram Sene and its chief Pramod Muthalik.

The Samiti said that it is optimistic that Sri Ram Sene and Muthalik would soon be allowed into Goa.