Cover Garbage With Tarpaulin

IN Ponda, vehicles carrying garbage often proceed through strategic locations like Tisk, old bus stand and also the Upper Bazaar. Although garbage is being filled in plastic bags, it gives out a foul smell whenever the vehicles proceed along the road. Fellow travellers and pedestrians face inconvenience in the process. As on Wednesday, a pickup engaged in garbage collection proceeded from old bus stand towards Varkhandem at 9.50 am. The foul smell emerging from the garbage was unbearable and there was no sort of covering for the collected garbage bags. Under such circumstances, it would be advisable for the Ponda Municipal Council (PMC) to provide tarpaulin to all garbage vehicles engaged in collection of garbage in this particular jurisdiction. These vehicles should utilise the same compulsorily while transporting garbage. Of course, public at large must be assured hygienic conditions at all costs.


Reopen Schools Gradually

IT is almost one-and-a-half years that schools and colleges in India are closed due to COVID-19 situation. Today, we have school and college students at home with physical classes going online. Online classes have been the only option for educational institutions to continue with syllabus. Exams were cancelled and results of academic year have been declared based on internal assessment. But now the main issue is to get admissions and get going with further education. As on today, the cases of COVID-19 have dropped and it is expected to come down further. The third wave is expected only if no proper care is taken going forward. Since cases are on the lower side, gradually the schools should reopen for the students of class X and above. The schools can have two shifts like morning and afternoon session so as to reduce the crowd and ensuring social distancing. According to Dr Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS, schools should start sessions and see that all protocols of COVID behaviour are followed. Many states are geared up to reopen schools by end of July. Goa should also slowly do so with all care taken with two sessions so that some activity starts as far as curriculum is concerned. Many students travel to schools by private buses or school buses which may be crowded but again care should be taken in this regard. If we get going step by step, normal school operations can gradually be restored, which will help students especially to get on with normal offline educational mode.