Colva beach road in bad condition, locals demand facelift




The road from the Colva circle near the church to the famous Colva beach is in bad shape mainly due to work related to the laying of the sewerage network in the village. The recent spell of heavy rains has also brought to the fore the potholed road with locals urging for its repair. 
Several road stretches between the church circle to the beach have developed deep potholes that are especially tough to navigate while riding a two-wheeler. Both sides of the road have potholes and uneven levelling of the road that has been a cause of worry for many residents. Apart from potholes, one side of the road also has mud which with the rain water has lowered the road level, further risking the lives of commuters. 
“This has been a constant problem along this road. It is very difficult to ride on a two-wheeler and because both sides of the road are uneven, one finds it very difficult even with a car. This problem has to be solved once and for all, the road has to be fixed as soon as possible,” said a resident of the area who frequently uses the road. 
Being off season, the beach road, which is usually busy, is much slower and shops and establishments don’t see much traffic either. The road which otherwise sees a rush of tourists only has a handful this time of the year. They too, either using bikes or cabs, seem to find the bad roads an issue. 
Earlier this month, South Goa MP had also raised the issue saying the shoddy work had left the road stretch in a bad and dilapidated condition with mud that was excavated being dumped on the road. He also urged and appealed to the government to ask contractors to take up the work only during the dry months.