Yogi’s Population Bogey

UTTAR Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has recently unveiled a policy aimed at stabilising population in his state and reducing maternal/infant deaths in a time-bound manner. A draft bill on population control has also been put up on the website of the Uttar Pradesh Law Commission, which debars people with more than two children from contesting local bodies polls, applying for government jobs or receiving any kind of subsidies. The said draft bill also seeks to prohibit promotions in government jobs for such people, while offering incentives to those limiting their children to two. Well, the intentions of the  move appears sincere. How about a bill to debar and disqualify politicians with criminal cases or having more than two children? Divorcees and bachelors coming from large families should also be debarred from  running our states and the country. Adityanath himself  comes from a large family: four brothers and three sisters. He has turned his state into a jungle raj by officially unleashing criminals against the minorities to promote communal politics. The UP Chief Minister and politicians like him do not back modern education in a big way, but try to hypnotise all the gullible fools by unveiling such a thoughtless policy  on population  as if to show that they are very much concerned about the growing population. I strongly feel that Adityanath has not unveiled this policy with a good intention but with the sole aim to mischievously target a particular community  in Uttar Pradesh;  he very well knows that raising the bogey of population will pay him rich dividends during the upcoming assembly elections in that state.


Good Tidings For Pensioners 

THE central government‘s decision on  dearness allowance to the pensioners is welcome. While doing so, the government  made it effective from  July 21, thereby cancelling the arrears of  18 months for which it withheld  the benefit. The government has done so because of the resource crunch caused partly by the unexpected expenses on healthcare in the coronavirus pandemic. It applied the cut to all pensioners including retired peons and sweepers. However, the pensioners will cooperate and accept the situation; they will  expect the MPs,  especially the ministers who make decisions, to forego part of their  hefty allowances and perks. The Goa government follows central rules; and therefore its  pensioners hope that it will issue a similar order to release the benefit to them without delay.


Low In Indian Democracy

IT is shameful that 75 years after the Independence the Supreme Court  of India  had to ask  the government as to why it is keeping the colonial sedition  law in the statute and misusing Section 66A of the IT Act, which  was struck down by the top court. The object of our elected representatives  seems to be to  terrorise  people speaking  against the government. The Centre wants  no accountability and acts like the British, who  were hell-bent on silencing Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and other freedom fighters. All our elected representatives are guilty of dividing the people by religion, caste, and any means to remain in power for self-enrichment with no transparency and accountability. The bedlam during the Parliament session amid farmers protesting outside and a stubborn and arrogant government bulldozing its way is unworthy of a democracy.